Finished my first and last Round Robin

I bet you had forgotten that I was involved in a Round Robin as my last post about it was in February. I finally received another box in July, it was supposed to be to me by January 15. Yikes! We are allotted  2 months for each stage so I took about 6 weeks. Today I finished my first and last Round Robin. Yay!

I am glad I did this one even if I haven’t gotten my top back. It never occurred to me that people would sign up and then not follow through. I wish I was loosey goosey about deadlines and to a certain extent I am. Miss by a couple of days or weeks is not a big deal.

This project is so off the deadline that I’ve lost interest. Other people had received their tops, quilted them and entered them in the Kansas City Quilt Festival. Now that’s cool!

I think it’s fun when everyone is more or less on the same time line. The other groups got their tops and had fun reveals. Ours did not so I have learned that Round Robins are not for me.

rr re 1I prefer the way my guild does challenges. If you show up with what you are supposed to bring, you get to participate in the exchange. Much better system for me.

Ok, enough with my life lessons learned! Onto the top I got in the mail in July. I had it on my design wall for quite a few weeks while I worked on other projects.

I just couldn’t imagine how to finish this top. Plus there wasn’t a lot of fabric left in the box. And I thought there was enough going on but I knew that was me.rr re 2

I brought the top to Guild and people were great about helping me out.  I even got to talk about the whole experience. Catherine Redford picked up the orange and the green/pink fabrics.

Wow does she have a good eye! I loved her choices. Now I could visualize how to finish it.

I think that if you are doing a Round Robin, you have to bring your own sense of style and design. I felt like a simple two fabric border would work really well.

So that is exactly what I did. I cut two inch strips of the orange which fit exactly, no piecing needed.

I cut 3.5 inch strips for the final border. The fabric was organic, I love the feel of organic fabrics.

rr re 3

Here is the final top with the two borders. I was very happy with it. I felt the new fabrics really fit in well.

One member of my guild gave me a 40% off coupon for the green fabric and Gentler Times gives us 10% off all of our purchases. Nice! I really do love my small, no rules guild!

Plus the mailman had to buzz me about the mail so I was able to hand him the box. Yippee! I had printed a label at home and it got sent on its way immediately.

Now I just wait and hope that my top shows up. I am pretty darn sure it will.

I just don’t know when!

Sew happy!

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If you would like, you can check out all my previous posts on this Round Robin saga.

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