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Losing touch with my best friend

It is blogapalooza time and tonight we have one hour to write a post on the following topic. Write about a friend or acquaintance from your childhood with whom you’ve lost touch In my lifetime I have had some friends who have slowly drifted away but only a couple of times where there has been... Read more »

12 Collected Facts about Cotton

Cotton is my favorite fabric. When I sewed garments, it was not very often my fabric of choice. However, I now predominately sew quilts and 99% of the fabric I buy is cotton. I also like it for clothes, sheets, towels and my health care product applications. But what do I KNOW about cotton? I... Read more »

Block Challenge Quilt is a modern baby quilt

I love babies and I love quilts so when I can combine the two, I am all over it! As you know, I have been working on a block challenge for a few months now. I finished the top a couple of weeks ago and the whole quilt a few days ago. I take great... Read more »

Colors of fabrics through the decades

Look at this great picture from 1927, my Mom her siblings and aunts are out for the day at the St. Louis Zoo. This decade had flappers, cars and at the end, the Stock Market Crash. I think you know what the color of the 1920's is.
My guild wanted to investigate colors of fabrics through the decades so I volunteered to spearhead the research. I had fun looking up various sites on this topic. Some focused on furniture and others on clothing or houses.  I also did a search for major events of each decade.  I had fun making a melange... Read more »

Need a public restroom in the Chicago area? Ask me, I probably know where one is.

When you are on the go do you ever need a public restroom in the Chicago area? Ask me, I probably know where one is. I don’t like to brag but I have lots of experience seeking them out. If I am not around, look for a lady about my age; chances are she will... Read more »

How to make a buttonhole tutorial - Back to School Blog Hop

I learned how to make buttonholes years ago in Home Ec Class. I didn’t even know that I should be nervous. So I wasn’t and you shouldn’t be either. I am here to help you. In fact, it’s my post as part of the Back to School blog hop. Let’s learn how to make a... Read more »

Quilt Shops on the coast of Maine

The minute we crossed into Maine we visited the Tourist Center where I found this terrific brochure. I showed it to a woman at our hotel and she added one to the list. What fun awaited me!
When I travel I like to try new foods, talk with people, learn about history and go to as many quilt shops as possible. This trip to Maine was no exception and since we drove, the sky was the limit! I visited a total of five stores and naturally, I bought something at each shop.... Read more »

Great Mail Day

We were away on vacation for 10 days so all of our mail was delivered today. Yippee! I adore snail mail, I even send it. Yes! Our mail came in a big bin and wow, what a great mail day. We got tons of junk mail that I quickly recycled. But we had a few... Read more »

Calvin Coolidge 30th US President and Quilter

My husband and I just returned from a 10 day trip to the eastern part of the US, mainly New England. It was a fabulous vacation that mixed sports, quilt shops, history and lots of lobster. One day had us traveling along in beautiful Green Mountains. It was full of beautiful nature and multiple service... Read more »

Phony Quilt Ads

You know I have an over active imagination, yes? Good, we have that out of the way. My imagination was recently in overdrive while reading quilt magazines. These magazines contain ads, natch. All these ads are so truthful and believable. Why not some phony quilt ads that are neither truthful nor believable? I guess if... Read more »
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