Quilt based unusual baby names

In life you get to name a few people, some pets and maybe a household object. It’s a big responsibility and one my daughter and her husband just took on. We had fun pretending to help them, offering all kinds of goofy choices. This site lists some of the crazy baby names out there.

Then I thought, why aren’t there quilt based unusual baby names? What’s wrong with Fabric? Needle? Thread?

I gathered up some public domain baby pictures and perused this list of quilt words for inspiration. All my quilt based unusual baby names came from this list.

See if you can guess the baby’s quilt based name after viewing the picture. Also, If I missed some really good ones, give me your suggestions!


Babies make me Sew happy! But I wouldn’t really name one after a quilt!

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I also wrote a post that was a quiz of Quilt names and Beatles songs. Check it out by clicking here.

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