Peacock Heart Quilt Top is Finished

This is the 3rd part of this series and I am thrilled that the Peacock Heart Quilt Top is finished. It’s a good feeling to get to this point. I now have 3 quilt tops done and sitting in my sewing studio but I KNOW I will quilt this one first.

ph re 1Let’s recap the progress. In part one, I gave the instructions for cutting all the pieces and the first part of the sewing. In part two, we continued and learned how to piece the hearts. All of them because it’s a heart quilt.

We start this post with all of the hearts sewn, yay! 48 beautiful hearts that you have to decide where to place. ph re 2Once you establish an order, you repeat it.

I played around with mine. The quilt is 48 hearts, 24 going one way and then 24 going the opposite way.  Think about which hearts will be above and below each other.

I also like a pleasing combination in the middle, the 4 which meet up. I wanted the peacock hearts to be near the orange and the gold hearts as they make sense next to that color scheme.

I had all of mine set on the design wall when Zara came to visit. Naturally she wanted to come upstairs and then she ph re 3plucked a bunch of hearts off the design wall. Sigh. Be prepared to redo the design!

I took the hearts off carefully and made sure they stayed in the exact order I had them. I sewed them onto the strips I cut in part one. When they were all sewn to the strip, I cut them apart and sewed the rows.

I sewed a background strip on each heart. I also put one at the beginning. When my strips were done, they included the top border, bottom border and side borders. ph re 4

You might want to wait on the first and last strip on the hearts. If you skip that part you can add long strips and do that border as ph re 5one long piece.

As I finished each row, I sewed a background strip on the bottom. I added each row as I went along.

When I got all done, I thought it needed a bit of a color punch. If you like yours at this point, you can end. I decided to add 2 borders of 1.5″ each. You could make yours wider.

I was super happy with the color. I put blue and peacock. I even thought about adding a green. Ph re 7

I felt like the outside borders really nailed the peacock theme and added drama. My daughter thought this was modern looking. I don’t know. We both love it but there is still one opinion we haven’t gotten yet.

Fingers crossed that Henry will love it  also.

Sew happy!

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If you would like a pdf of the pattern, click here. There is a gallery of heart quilts I have made and a link to a pdf pattern.

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