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Pure Joy

Our family is experiencing pure joy. Glorious unadulterated joy and happiness show on our faces and reside in our hearts. Henry Clifford  was born yesterday in the early evening. He is perfect, his mother is perfect and his father is ecstatic. His sister is over the moon but just wishes everyone would hand her the... Read more »

Thoughts while my daughter is in labor

My daughter is in labor as I write this. We are home taking care of her daughter, our granddaughter and her husband is helping her. It’s a very poignant experience, a cross of fatigue and emotion. My thoughts while my daughter is in labor conjure up the past as I look forward to the future.... Read more »

Things go better with Quilts

Do you remember the 1960’s ad campaign that claimed “things go better with coke?”  I like Coke but I beg to differ with this beverage ad. I believe that they really meant to say, things go better with quilts. Think about the number of activities and events which are improved way more with a quilt... Read more »

Basket weave quilt is finished

Don’t you just love the occasional easy quilt? I do too! I wrote about this rail fence quilt last week which you can read here if you missed it. The blocks are rail fence and I put them together in a basket weave pattern. I am thrilled to say that this Basket Weave quilt is... Read more »

12 All important Facts about Applique

Many quilters do fabulous applique. I admire it greatly. I have only done small amounts of hand applique and a bit more of machine applique. I think some quilters love it but many shy away. But all of us should know more facts about applique. 1 Definition – According to the noun is ornamentation, as... Read more »

10 Parking Signs for Quilters

I drive an electric car so I actually sometimes luck out and find a spot just for my kind of car. But not that often and usually not where I would like them. Wouldn’t you love to be able to find spots just for you right in front of the places where you frequent? Heck,... Read more »

10 Sad Moments in Quilting

I have had fabulous moments in quilting and in fact, showed them in a post last week. But I have also had some sad moments in quilting. To be fair, we have to cover those also. Let me know if I missed some of your sadder moments! 1. When you find out you missed a... Read more »

Sewing a heart quilt - part one

This will be a multiple post tutorial for sewing your very own heart quilt. I have been making these quilts for decades so the pattern is fairly old school. I could maybe figure out a more clever and streamlined way to cut and make these hearts if I had a day with no one even... Read more »

9 Epitaphs for Quilters

No one lives forever, it’s just a fact. Quilters are fortunate, after we leave this earth our quilts remain. They stay and remind everyone what great talent we had. Someone of us might also have a gravestone and on it, an epitaph. Oops, you find this kind of creepy? It’s not supposed to be, just... Read more »

DIY Pillowcase for a small pillow Tutorial

It’s August which means there are big events happening this month in my family. I have a new grandson who will be born this month. And he needs quilts! But I had some other sewing to do first so his quilt has gotten pushed back. His sister changed from her crib to a toddler bed... Read more »