How to improve any current book or movie

I may have mentioned 27 million times that I love to read. I choose books for quirky reasons and every once in a while, other people even read them. I was perusing the NY Times Best Seller list and I had actually read some of them.  I also love going to the show even though summer movies are not my favorite genre. Surprisingly, I have seen some of the top movies of 2015, this grandma gets around!

And all this popularity is great but these books and movies are not perfect, nope. Want to know how to improve any current book or movie? Add the word quilt. Add that word and everything improves.

Let’s put this into practice.

better re 9

Here’s a movie that is not doing so well. How to make it a smash? Have him possess a quilt. Best seller.

better re 5

 Have you read this book? It sucks you in but you feel a bit icky, and it’s going to be a movie.

How to make sure the movie sells? Make it a QUILT train. Trust me.

Better re 8

Haven’t seen it yet, don’t know if Meryl Streep can pull off being an aging rocker?

How about a hip quilter? See, better.

better re 2

Great book. Will it transfer to the big screen?

Star power added to quilt power, bam, we’re talking Oscars.


I skipped this one. But if these teeny guy made miniature quilts? Buy me a ticket!

better re 3

Great story and book but I felt sad and bad for these men.

Solution? Give them quilts! Win/win/win!


My husband wanted to see it so we did. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

But a Quilt Mission? With a Rogue Needle? Standing Room Only!

better re 10

This movie had me laughing. Maybe it needed a bit more of a poignant tone?

Let’s introduce the heartbreak of a quilt that is wrecked. Or is it? Gotta see the movie!

better re 4

Everyone in Chicago read this book. How to put them in the movie theaters?

Have a subplot of Halloween quilts like this Ghost! Two-fer!

When you see this trend catch on, you will know where and when it all began. I plan on having a huge and I mean HUGE consulting business for the publishing and Hollywood demands on my time. I figure I will be rolling in dough, don’t you think?

Don’t worry, I will still remember my Quilt buddies. We’ll do lunch.

Sew happy!

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Here’s another silly quilt post about combining yoga and quilting.

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