Heart Quilt tutorial part two

I am making a heart quilt for my new grandson who was born a few days ago, YAY! I realize the quilt isn’t done yet but he doesn’t seem to mind. If you are making the quilt along with me, this is the second part. If you would like to speed ahead on your own, this post has a pdf of the pattern on it. Plus a whole gallery of finished heart quilts.

heart q re 1Those of you who are following along, here is heart quilt tutorial part two.  When we ended part one we were discussing the corner blocks. All 192 of them. (You’re right, I do like repeating that number.)

At the bottom of the picture you can see a rectangle that has both squares sewn at both corners. You notice that I cut off the extra fabric above the sewing line. Then I pressed it. It looks great!heart q re 2

I started on the next set, I did all of one side. I clipped those apart and went back to chain stitching corners. This goes on until all the rectangles have small squares on two corners.

And yes, it gets a bit boring. I have a project on my design board I can look out just for a change of pace and one on the longarm. They at least are not as repetitive.

But then, they are all done! Phew!

heart q re 3Next step sewing

1. Join one 3.5″ square with a rectangle, as shown.

2. Sew them right sides together.

3. Sew together a 2.5″ square and a rectangle as shown.heart q re 6

4. Make sure they are also right sides together.

5 Press seams so that they will butt up and alternate thickness.

heart q re 46. Sew the center seam.

7. Make sure the pieces are right sides together. Clip threads.

8. Press to one side.

9. Put as the first one in a pile.heart q re 7

10. Repeat 47 more times.

11. No, I am not kidding. We just made on heart. There are six more to make of 8 different fabrics. Yes, that’s 47 more. Hooray!

12. Wait for the next post!

I don’t know if you remember in the first post when I added, theoretically I have 3 more weeks. As well all know, theories sometimes do not bear out!

heart re 8My little grandson arrived two weeks early so his heart quilt is not finished. So far, he has not complained. But not to worry!

When I made these quilts two years ago, I made a duplicate of each one. You can check out the posts here and here. He’ll be warm until I get this heart quilt and maybe a few more quilts done for him.

Winter is coming, the boy needs quilts!

Sew happy!

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Did you miss part one? Oh, we can’t have that! Click here!

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