Graduation T-shirt quilt top

It’s no secret that I rather like making t-shirt quilts. It’s not that they are so creative, rather it’s that people really like them. I hadn’t finished one since my husband’s and my nephew up and graduated from college. Way to go! In with his card and check, I put a note saying that if he wanted a graduation t-shirt quilt, just give me the t-shirts.

ts st re 1I wasn’t sure if he wanted one. And even if he did, it would probably take him a while to gather up the shirts and get them to me. Or a couple of weeks.

I took my time and told him I would have it done by the time he was 30. He was actually OK with whatever time frame I needed. When a year had elapsed I had only cut the backs and sleeves off the shirts. Yikes!ts st re 2

I hurried up a bit and got all the shirts interfaced and cut into squares. In between time I was working on sewing for Zara. Then Henry was on his way. Double yikes!

I put them up on the design wall and auditioned fabric for the sashing and cornerstones. It was tough to choose. the Twilters helped me decide.

ts st re 3

The fabric I chose for the sashing is called Urban Cityscape. I liked the name and the grey. I chose the rain drop fabric for the cornerstone as I liked the idea of rain in the city. Its name is actually Stof Uno Style.

I always sew the side sashings on first and then do the sashing that goes across. That way I can sew all the strips on quickly.

This time was no exception. This part went pretty fast. I know there isn’t a lot of contrast between the two fabrics. I liked it like that!ts st re 4

I know I am just giving the highlights here. I actually have a four post series on how to make a t-shirt quilt with really complete instructions. It is truly a step by step tutorial that you can access by clicking here which will bring you to the fourth post.

ts st re 5

Once I had all the horizontal sashing strips done I started looking for a border fabric. I wanted something which was a color in the shirts but with a bit of grey as well. I just couldn’t find the perfect fabric.

I settled on this blue. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up and discovered it was Basic Grunge Grey. There were splotches of grey and it was the perfect fabric.ts st re 6

I was very happy. I had finished the graduation t-shirt quilt top. I had been working on this here and there so it was fun to complete.

I have to put it away for a while and work on things for baby Henry. My nephew understands, he’s still about 5 years from 30.

Plus, he likes to keep on my good side, he knows he wants more quilts in his future!

Sew happy!

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