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Peacock Heart Quilt Top is Finished

This is the 3rd part of this series and I am thrilled that the Peacock Heart Quilt Top is finished. It’s a good feeling to get to this point. I now have 3 quilt tops done and sitting in my sewing studio but I KNOW I will quilt this one first. Let’s recap the progress.... Read more »

10 Signs you are quilting too much

Last week I posted a blog entitled 10 signs you are not quilting enough. It was sad, I cried writing it. Readers grew despondent. I knew I had to come up with the opposite, a post about quilting too much. Quilting too much? Is such a thing even possible. Probably not but let’s pretend it... Read more »

Quilts on my Beds

Tonight is blogapalooza where we get a topic and an hour to write about it. Here is tonight’s topic. Write about sleep and the impact it has on your life now or at any point in your life. This is a bit of synchronicity as I just had a post today about napping, a rather... Read more »

10 reasons I nap and you should too

When I was in school I did not nap. I would sleep as much as I could during the week and then sleep massive amounts on the weekend. Once I began working I learned the wonder of the power nap and would grab a quick one after school. Once I had children, I did not... Read more »

How to improve any current book or movie

I may have mentioned 27 million times that I love to read. I choose books for quirky reasons and every once in a while, other people even read them. I was perusing the NY Times Best Seller list and I had actually read some of them.  I also love going to the show even though... Read more »

DIY Super Hero Cape tutorial

My husband loves Zara with all his heart but has watched Lion King approximately 27,173 times. He was flipping through HBO to see if there was a different children’s movie when Superman Returns came on. Z was transfixed when she saw the flying scene. After she watched it several times, I had to get involved... Read more »

10 Signs you are not quilting enough

I was fiddling around on the internet and saw a link to an article entitled “9 hidden signs you are not drinking enough water.” The funny thing is that I thought, hmmm, you would be thirsty? But I clicked anyway and there was a video with 5 reasons. Imagine that, something on the internet was... Read more »

Graduation T-shirt quilt top

It’s no secret that I rather like making t-shirt quilts. It’s not that they are so creative, rather it’s that people really like them. I hadn’t finished one since my husband’s and my nephew up and graduated from college. Way to go! In with his card and check, I put a note saying that if... Read more »

Quilt based unusual baby names

Darling baby, yes? Now think of the perfect quilt word for the baby's name.
In life you get to name a few people, some pets and maybe a household object. It’s a big responsibility and one my daughter and her husband just took on. We had fun pretending to help them, offering all kinds of goofy choices. This site lists some of the crazy baby names out there. Then... Read more »

Heart Quilt tutorial part two

I am making a heart quilt for my new grandson who was born a few days ago, YAY! I realize the quilt isn’t done yet but he doesn’t seem to mind. If you are making the quilt along with me, this is the second part. If you would like to speed ahead on your own,... Read more »
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