How to sew a zipper to make a bag tutorial

I follow a bunch of different quilters on FB and Instagram and I am always surprised how many comments I read about zippers. Quilters are intimidated by zippers! They therefore avoid certain projects that involve putting in a zipper. I understand that if you didn’t come to quilting via clothing construction. Yay for Jr. High home ec class!

I am here to help you! Today I will show you how to sew a zipper to make a bag. It’s the easiest kind of zipper there is, you will love it.

I just made a little zippered bag to put into a big yoga bag. Another day I will sew a more complicated zipper and show you how to do that also.

Let’s zip through the pictures to get an overall idea. Then you can go through more slowly when you make a little bag. Then, you’ll be an old pro.

Sew happy!

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