Fast and Easy Rail fence Elmo quilt

What do you do when you giddily bought lots of yards of Elmo fabric earlier? Who am I talking about? Well, that would be me. I bought yards and yards of it because I could, I guess. And now I have that fabric which I don’t want to hang onto for a long time. I decided I needed to make a fast and easy rail fence Elmo quilt.

Who will I give this quilt to? I happen to know that Zara loves Elmo.  I just finished a quilt for Zara but as she has a baby brother coming, I thought I better whip one more up for her.  Elmo re 2

Plus, I like to have different kinds of projects going on. The heart quilt I am making for the baby involves lots of cutting. I needed some sewing.

Elmo re 3I cut ten 3″ strips of each fabric. I put them in three piles. I arranged them in two arrangements. I had the same middle but the side strips changed.

I decided to make a basket weave variation of the rail fence. I sewed half of the strips one way and the other half a different way. You can decide what two different patterns you want to have.

When you have all the strips sewn together, you cut them into your square blocks. You will be zipping along but you have to remember to sew one direction on one side of the middle strip  and the opposite direction on the other. elmo re 7That will ensure that your strips down drift off in one direction.

elmo re 6Three 3″ strips will end up measuring 8 inches across. Cut both sets of strips into 8″ squares.

I chose to make the center strip the faces and varied the side strips. To make a basket weave design, you turn one block when you sew the blocks together. There are lots of fun ways you can use rail fence blocks. elmo re 4

I put 5 blocks across and did seven rows. I sewed the rows together and each row to the next one.

I put 5 blocks across so I could use unpieced fabric for the back. Remember, this is a quick quilt.

elmo re 9

So far this represented about 4 hours of work. Which I could have done in a day. But I spread it out, working on the No Dragons Quilt.

I have already started quilting it. When it’s all quilted and bound, I will show it to you.

Then I have to decide. Is this quilt for my house or Zara’s? Do I keep it and give it to her when the new baby comes? Or do I finish it and gleefully give it to her?

Sometimes being a quilter involves so many choices!

Sew happy!

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Here is a small project I made with the Elmo fabric last December.

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