Color running problems are solved thanks to fellow Quilters

I recently finished the No Dragons on my Quilt and fretted a bit about the colors running when I had to wash it. I was overwhelmed with the generous and compassionate outpouring of advice, help and support that I received from all of you. It touched my heart and more, my color running problems are solved thanks to fellow Quilters! Thank you all so much!

In case I am not the only quilter out there who didn’t know the solutions, I decided to write a post with all of your suggestions. Then I will show how they worked in my life. First, what I heard from you fabulous readers.

color re 6

I will start with a delightful email from Ila M. She sent me a picture of a blue and white quilt she had made. And she also included a picture of the quilt after she washed it. She used Synthrapol to try and get the color out. color re 5

Sadly it didn’t work. From what I have read, it seems to work in the prewash, not after it is made into a quilt.

She regretted not using Color Catchers which was a continual and fabulous suggestion that many of you thoughtful smart quilters made.

Ila also sent me a great link to a post by Barbara Brackman which you can read here if you would like. It reminded me of a red and white schoolhouse quilt that I had made and which ran.

I washed that quilt and soaked it until the red came out but boy, all that took a toll on that quilt. The fabrics have already begun to disintegrate and it hasn’t been used that much.

Enter Color Catchers which is a fabulous product which apparently everyone knew about and I had no idea. Leann M was even so kind as to leave me links to Amazon for buying it. I’ve had a cold all week and was thrilled not to even leave the house! Thank you to everyone who suggested it, you are all way smarter than I am.

color re 1Here is what I received from Amazon. The two bottles are for prewashing hand dyed fabrics and commercial dyed fabrics. I don’t want to worry so much again over a quilt fabric bleeding.Color re 20

I have a laundry basket full of fabrics to pre wash for the quilts I want to make for the new baby. Plus I have 3 more on the way. I will use both bottles!

Back to the quilt at hand. I asked my daughter to bring it back so I could try the grand experiment, which she did. Zara had already had both her parents read her the story with the quilt. (I love that!)

I took a deep breath and put it in the Color re 2washer. I used two color catcher sheets. And crossed my fingers.

And the quilt came out of the washer gorgeous! And it looked even better out of the dryer. The color sheets were reddish, that stuff works. You all are geniuses!

I showed Z the quilt and said, Look! It’s even more cuddly now! She agreed. We gathered up more quilts to wash and make cuddly. They are all great thanks to Color Catchers!Color re 4

Then I suggested to Zara that we take picture of the quilt after it had been washed. She could pretend she was sleeping. This was hilarious as she would open her eyes at the last minute on most of the shots.

We got a good one and then I let her take some pictures as she was begging. She pointed the camera towards herself and took a bunch.

Anyone need a nose or eye picture?

Sew happy!

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