12 True Facts about Tweezers

I love to hang out in quilt stores, there are such cool things to be had within them. I not only purchase fabric and thread but I collect gadgets and odd quilty things. A number of years ago I saw nifty tweezers by the register and impulsively added them to my pile. I had never used them before in my sewing room and now I cannot imagine NOT having them handy. I also have them for the eyebrows and the other day I looked at them and thought, I need to know more facts about tweezers.

You too? Cool because we are about to learn some together.

1. Definition –  According to dictionary.com Tweezers are small pincers or nippers for plucking out hairs, extracting splinters, picking  up small objects, etc.  and who I am to disagree?

2. Word Origin – Hey, I was a language teacher, I like this kind of thing. According to Collins online the origin is “from tweeze case of instruments, from French étuiscases (of instruments), from Old Tweezers re 2French estuier to preserve, from Vulgar Latin studiāre (unattested) to keep, from Latin studēre to care about.”

3. Invented – I can’t ascertain exactly when they were invented, maybe around a camp fire but the early Egyptians were known to use them, cool! You can read this and more here.

4. Type of tool – Tweezers are levers. I mention this because my granddaughter has been learning about levers on Sesame Street so it caught my eye on this site. 

5. Electric tweezers – I discovered that electric tweezers are to be avoided by all consumers, they don’t work. Yikes! You can check it out here. 

6. Sewing use – I love this product website which states “Simply put, tweezers grab what fingers can’t.” That’s exactly why I use them.

7. That’s all – No! Fine tweezers like the ones here, are used to help thread sergers. I can understand that. Before I learned my new trick, I used them with my Longarm.

8. Serrated – In fact there are serrated tweezers for grasping threads. I did not know this until I did this research. They are offered on this site.Tweezers re 1

9. Curved – Yes again! Curved tweezers are for grasping the fabric until the very last bit of the fabric is sewn. I think I may have to get them at this web site. 

10. Price – Tweezers start about a dollar but you can go up to one hundred. Yes, 100.00 at Tweezerman which used to have a 200.00 tweezer. Alas. no more.

11. Poems – Tweezer is a hard one to rhyme with but not impossible. Geezer, while not complimetary does as well as Caeser. Find more at this post. 

12. Thread – Yes, once more. You can use tweezers to thread a sewing machine. I have done it when for no reason, it just won’t thread. Want to see how? Watch this video.

Sew happy!

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Here’s another sewing use for tweezers – stitching a Drunkards path without pins but tweezers instead!

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