10 Block Modern Challenge

I love challenges, especially if I can make something that I really want. My Modern Quilt Guild had a recent challenge with blocks. Each person who wanted to participate had to bring ten 6.5″ blocks to swap. We knew about it for several months. Since I am in charge of social media for the guild, I really knew about it. I posted on the Facebook page and the blog the date of the 10 block modern challenge.

I pulled fabrics, I sketched designs, I considered this block and that one. I was having a grand time.

Then I got home from Hamilton, MO and realized that the blocks were due in 4 days. FOUR days! Yikes! bc re 1

Luckily I had purchased a really nifty jelly roll of Steel and Cotton fabrics at the Missouri Quilt Company. Strips can make a bunch of different blocks.

bc re 3I chose these three fabrics and sewed them together, three times. So I all I had to do was chop them into 6.5 inch blocks.

Or did I? What if I cut them 4.5 and added a 2.5 inch yellow strip. That might be fun!

And heck, I still had four days! Those strips took no time to sew up one side and down the other.  I felt pretty darn happy.

bc re 4

I cut 10 and flash sewed them onto a yellow strip and when I was done, I had my ten plus a bunch more of the strips left uncut.

bc re 5

I cut the left overs into ten blocks. Now I had 2 sets of 10 blocks, one plain and one slightly less plain. I brought them all to guild.

I figured someone might still want to participate in the challenge and have spaced it on the date. And I was right! And for any challenge I always think the more the merrier.

I was not the only person who brought extras, there were other blocks here and there so everyone got to be in the challenge. Yay! bc re 6

I put the blocks up on my design wall. I loved them all. I moved them around.

bc re 7

I added a background fabric. It’s a tiny grey and lime checky weavy design. Meh.

What spectacular thing could I do with these wonderful blocks? I really liked all but mine, they seemed pretty pedestrian. Oh well.

What about some strips? They all had grey in common, I could add some grey strips. Meh again.

bc re 8

I was thinking maybe my challenge result will not be spectacular, maybe it will just be pedestrian like my blocks.

Oh heck. I needed some inspiration.

What about color? I love color.

bc re 9

I really did like the color strips and I am glad to have a picture of it. Because I have to start sewing for the new baby.

And after all, this challenge isn’t due until September, the baby is due at the end of August. I have plenty of time.

Oooh, and maybe a bag instead of a quilt?

Or if it gets really late, a pillowcase?

Sew happy!

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