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Fast and Easy Rail fence Elmo quilt

What do you do when you giddily bought lots of yards of Elmo fabric earlier? Who am I talking about? Well, that would be me. I bought yards and yards of it because I could, I guess. And now I have that fabric which I don’t want to hang onto for a long time. I... Read more »

Learning to deal with temper and frustration in Life and Sewing

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza when we have one hour to write about a topic. Here is what we are writing about tonight: Write about a time you lost your temper or somebody lost their temper at you. It’s a pretty broad subject and an issue I have worked on all my life. When I... Read more »

The 10 best moments in quilting

It can be hard to describe the joy and fun that there is in quilting. I have tried but words sometimes are inadequate. Yes, I did say that, the woman who loves to write about quilting. I decided instead to have portrayals of the happiness in quilting. Without further ado, here are the 10 best... Read more »

12 True Facts about Tweezers

I love to hang out in quilt stores, there are such cool things to be had within them. I not only purchase fabric and thread but I collect gadgets and odd quilty things. A number of years ago I saw nifty tweezers by the register and impulsively added them to my pile. I had never... Read more »

Marti Michell is a delightful quilter you should know

I have a new quilt heroine, Marti Michell. You may remember her name from a post I did on a box of goodies I received from her. Or maybe the fun I had meeting her at QuiltCon? This past week I got to not only see a fabulous lecture and trunk show of hers in... Read more »

Why do you care if I am fat?

My youngest daughter was home for a week. It was a wonderful visit. We got to go to the pool, visit with family and enjoy each other’s company. When you communicate via text, phone or social media you tend to stick to MACRO news, big events or important information. But when you are face to... Read more »

10 Block Modern Challenge

I love challenges, especially if I can make something that I really want. My Modern Quilt Guild had a recent challenge with blocks. Each person who wanted to participate had to bring ten 6.5″ blocks to swap. We knew about it for several months. Since I am in charge of social media for the guild,... Read more »

9 Quilt T Shirts I would like to design

I love knits, you don’t have to iron them and they are super comfy. I wear lots of University of Illinois t-shirts and quilty t-shirts. I am tall and fluffy and knits shrink so my preferred shirt is a WOMEN’s size  3X V-necked t-shirt. These are incredibly hard to find. Some will say they are... Read more »

I reprimand children in public

I am here to confess a most grievous sin of mine. I reprimand children in public. Children who are not my own kids. You may keel over in disbelief right now as I know this is a very unpopular stand. I have read posts and articles where parents vent their fury that another adult said... Read more »

How to sew a zipper to make a bag tutorial

You can pick up a zipper in almost any color you like. I am a zipper nut so I keep them on hand. They should be bigger than your project. This is a small bag project. I cut the fabric to the size I wanted, two different pieces. I sewed them together, first.  It's clever if you make the stitches bigger in the middle but no big deal if you don't.
I follow a bunch of different quilters on FB and Instagram and I am always surprised how many comments I read about zippers. Quilters are intimidated by zippers! They therefore avoid certain projects that involve putting in a zipper. I understand that if you didn’t come to quilting via clothing construction. Yay for Jr. High... Read more »
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