Review of the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival


This past weekend was the inaugural show for a group of 15 guilds in Kansas City. I was so impressed with everything about the show, I could hardly believe it was their first one. There was so much to do and see so I will have to write several posts. This first one will be about my personal highlights and an overall review of the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.

kc ct re 1

I was impressed when I first entered the doors. The signage was terrific and the tickets were very organized. I got my class passes, bought a program and a pin before heading down downstairs to my classes.kc ct re 4

My first class on Thursday was with Angela Walters and no, she isn’t afraid that I am stalking her. At least she didn’t say so. What, do you know something I don’t?

She had a great rhythm to the class which was entitled Beyond Feathers. And no, I haven’t conquered feathers yet but hey, I can go beyond them, yes?

We used Innova machines and they had two men there to help us with any problems we might encounter with the machines. Everyone encouraged us to not be afraid, that we could not break them. Or, as Angela put it, if we did, hey it wasn’t our machine.

Isn’t that funny? Angela is a hoot and I even attended a lecture of hers on starting a longarm business. I have no intention of starting one, I just enjoy her classes!

kc ct re 5

Our workshop was 3 hours long and Angela gave us little lectures and places in the handouts where we could take notes or doodle her drawings. Then we had time on the machines and she circulated. It was a wonderful combination of cerebral and hands on.

She quilted on my practice piece to give me something to trace. My partner was away and she was super impressed when she came back and saw the quilting. I couldn’t keep a straight face, I had to confess I hadn’t done it. Too much fun!

kc ct re 6

I had an hour inbetween this class and my next one. I was staying in the hotel right there so I had a quick dinner. Kudos again to the show for such a great location and super rates at the Sheraton.

My second class was with Tia Curtis.  I just knew it was a class on the Longarms and it turned out super fun. We saw her quilt as you go projects and then we tried our own.

This time I had a super special partner from my friends on Twitter. Five of us met up at the show. It was so natural, we just seemed like regular friends.

That is the terrific thing about quilters, they are such down to earth people. I had good times in all my classes, seeing the quilts and sharing tables. But the twilters, that was the best!

kc ct re 2

Here we are with our projects. We are not done with them and I will write about mine as it gets farther along. It’s a great idea and Tia made it so easy.kc ct re 7

Here is a picture that Tia posted on Instagram of the whole class and what they finished. Do not judge me! Some people had a machine to themselves and didn’t have a new friend to sew with. Hey, we had to talk!

I also got to attend a lecture and trunk show with Jenny Doan which was OUTSTANDING. I am saving that for a later post as I have lots to say! All good, of course.

I also enjoyed the fabulous quilts and took lots of pictures which I will share with kc c t re 3you. But first I have to edit them and make sure I give the quilters their due.

I hope that one day you get to attend a show as spectacular as this one was. If you can also gather with new friends for dinner. so much the better!kc ct re 10

See this group gathered for famous Kansas City BBQ? We were all coming and going, taking classes, arriving and leaving. But we got together with our spouses and got sauce all over and had a grand time.

Five quilters from Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and Kansas who found each other on a special corner of Twitter. I’ve met up with Twilters at QuiltCon and The International Quilt Show in Chicago as well. Joy!

Isn’t quilting the best? Added in with the superb quilt show in Kansas City, it was a stupendous weekend of learning, joy and quilting.

kc ct re 11What’s that? Did I fit in any shopping? Do quilters use thread?

Of course I did! A panel, a jelly roll, some fabrics and a t-shirt were my main souvenirs. I love them all. Thanks, Kansas City!

And that BBQ sauce, I am sure it will come out in the wash!

Sew happy!

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Here is last week’s post about my planning to go to this show. If you missed it, click here.

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