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9 Steps to Making a Perfect Quilt

I love quilting, don’t you? One of the things I love the most is when I finish. It’s a glorious feeling, a mixture of fireworks and extreme self satisfaction. When I take that last stitch on the binding I am one happy quilter. Some quilters, however, are on a quest to make a perfect quilt.... Read more »

12 Sensational Facts about Summer

Here in the Chicago area we have long cold winters. Really long. As a result, we love summer and rush outdoors to enjoy it.We know that it is warmer but what else are interesting facts about summer? Go! 1. When – In the northern hemisphere summer is June, July and August. (Also, curiously enough, many... Read more »

Newspaper headlines about Quilting and Sewing

Here is the real one. It shocked me and then I was off and running.
Quilters and Sewists are my people. We talk, write, sew, quilt and eat chocolate as part of the sewing community. I was stunned, therefore, when I spotted an article about a sewing instructor suspected in a crime. My first reaction was “Say it ain’t so” then I thought, or should it be sew? After that I... Read more »

Doing Yoga while you quilt

Multi tasking has always appealed to me. I like to read the paper, watch TV and do a little hand sewing. I love to go for a pedicure with a friend and catch up while we get beautiful. I love to go over my day with my husband while we prepare and eat dinner. It’s... Read more »

Retro Patterns Reveal My Past

I love this box of cards so much, 4 different designs and nifty envelopes.
Have you noticed that vintage patterns are popular? And not very expensive? I love this trend. I have seen silly mash ups of them on Buzz Feed and I even got a present wrapped in old pattern pieces. Then today, I got the best present with a pattern theme. I got a box of note... Read more »

DIY How to change Long Sleeves to Short Sleeves tutorial

I tried this shirt on and rolled up the sleeve where I thought it would be good. I wanted a longish short sleeve. Why? Just because I did!
I have some sleeve issues. There, I’ve said it and you know this now. I don’t particularly like sleeveless shirts probably because my arms are nowhere near buff. They are pretty soft and freckled. No need to show them off and make people jealous. As if this wasn’t enough, I shattered my elbow riding my... Read more »

How to describe the love of sewing and fabric

One of the things I love about writing this blog is the knowledge that my readers get me. I write sewing time knowing that you all understand the enjoyment. I can report that I bought more fabric and expect that most of you are sighing in contentment along with me. A whole different situation is... Read more »

Tutorial for sewing a Furoshiki and Japanese Fabric Folding

In December I wrote a post about wrapping paper  which made me want to wrap with fabric. This led to another post where I did some of that.  Various people in the comments, by email and on my Facebook page asked me why I hadn’t mentioned Furoshiki. Why? Because I knew nothing about it! I... Read more »

15 New Quilt Words

Sometimes when my husband and I are talking or laughing we will mix two words, blend them together in a goofy way. We make ourselves laugh with some gems like nunny (not funny) or sloring (sleeping and snoring) and we generally keep ourselves amused. I was so impressed with our antics that I decided to... Read more »

I hate to mend but here is a Tutorial on repairing ripped pants

I hate to mend, really hate it. Most of the time when family members ask me to mend something I reply, OK, put it in the pile. The pile, I believe, may have clothes in it from their primary school years. For me to mend clothes I have to be motivated. Really motivated. This week... Read more »