My latest quilt heroine - Jenny Doan and Hamilton, MO

Have you ever met someone who just instantly makes you glad to be alive? Happy to be in the same room with them? That is what happened to me when I attended a lecture and trunk show featuring Jenny Doan at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. It was just about instant love. I admired her not just because she is a fabulous quilter and makes quilting available to so many women. I love what she has done for her family and her town but really I was so impressed with the kind of human being she is.

jd re 0Jenny strode into the room like she was meeting up with a group of friends rather than fans. She signed tickets and posed for pictures like it was her absolute pleasure, including one with me. She was funny, accepting and real. I was immediately a fan. jd re 2

Her trunk show was like fireworks going off in my head.  She broke everything down to a basic block and then she played with it and creating all kinds of different looks and quilts.

Plus she was entertaining, informative and funnier than heck. she showed the quilt on the right and said she had developed it hoping the Amish would get into precuts as well. Then she gently chided herself when she realized not too many Amish were looking for quilting tutorials online.

She and her husband were cute as could be and did the lecture impeccably. I would have been a wreck trying to takes notes but no need.  She assured it that we could find it all online. For free!

jd re 3

This sailboat quilt really grabbed me. I have one I made but both of my girls want it in the future. So I have  to make another one. She showed how to do it with a layer cake and a template.jd re 9


This all happened on Friday and on Saturday morning my husband and I were leaving our hotel and headed for Hamilton, MO.  I knew she was still at the show, I just had to see the town that Jenny Doan was recreating.

In her lecture she described moving to the Midwest and starting the Missouri Star Quilting Company. She had great stories about breaking her jd re 4leg doing the first video. I had to see it and while I was there, hey, I could shop couldn’t I?

There are currently 7 shops with plans to have a total of 13 soon. Yes, it is a quilter’s dream. And quilters come, like me!jd re 10

We were lucky that we weren’t going home on Sunday as the shops are open 6 days a week. We were also lucky that it wasn’t raining but boy was it hot. 97 degrees Fahrenheit which I looked up, that’s 36.1 degrees Celsius. I didn’t care.

There was so much great fabric and the people who worked there were so friendly. They made it really easy to find just what you wanted and buy it!

jd re 6

The original store was my favorite part of Hamilton. It was the biggest and very bustling. Everyone was in a good mood.

Plus there was terrific air conditioning, chairs and clean bathrooms. I bought more precuts than I ever had before, I have to try her methods!

jd re 7

I also went down the street and shopped at Penney’s Quilt Shop and Licensed to Sew. I liked the way of having different types of fabrics in the specialty stores. All this and they only moved into the first one in 2012! Wow!

jd re 8

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a husband who loves to drive like I do, you can take tour buses. While we were there two different buses were parked on a side street. Talk about a quilt sensation!

Even the most stalwart quilter cannot live on Fabric alone. We had a fabulous lunch at the Blue Sage, which is a very nice restaurant. There is also a bakery and a burger joint.

I wonder if busloads can be fed however? I never got to talk to any of those quilters to see what their plan was. My husband had remarked he’d like to leave by noon. We got out at two thirty, not bad.

jd re 11 Here is my haul. I think I was restrained! The Halloween layer cake was the deal of the day, naturally I bought it! I could have bought more, they were actually out of a few things I wanted.

I hope you enjoyed my description of a class with Jenny Doan and Hamilton, MO. Luckily, there are so many videos online and you can internet shop the products. I plan to do both!

Wearing my Missouri Star t-shirt, of course.

Here is the first video I want to utilize and I love it even more that Jenny makes a slight error which they correct up in the corner.

Just makes her more real and loveable!

Traveling for quilts makes me Sew happy!

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