I'm Sew Tired: A quilting and Beatles quiz

One of the highlights for me in Kansas City was seeing the 150 Beatles Art Quilts, each depicting a different Beatles song. I had not been able to see them at previous showings so I was very excited. There is a book about these quilts put together by Donna DeSoto. I would love to own it but seeing them live, that was really a treat.

I would look at each quilt and not the card telling the artist nor the song. I would try to guess the song and then check myself. The songs would then play in my head.

This all Beatles jukebox continued throughout the exhibit and started up again as I looked at my pictures. I thought it would be fun for you to have a bit of the same experience. I chose 16 of the Quilts and have posted them without the name of the song they are depicting.

On the next slide, the answer and you can even hear it! Fun, yes?

I had trouble deciding what to title this post. Luckily, we have a Beatles expert here at ChicagoNow. Thanks Hippy Hippy Shakes!

Enjoy and let me know your score.

Beatles songs make Sew happy!

Enough to change my blog to the Beatles song Crying Waiting Hoping? Well, no. (That’ll be the day.)

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