I love living in a Suburb with a Small Town Feel

When I am away from home, I always have a grand time. It’s fun to imagine you live there and your life would be like a constant vacation. I scope out restaurants, quilt shops, walking trails and schools. I used to think, oh I could teach there. Now I just like to check out schools. But when my vacation is over, I am always ready to come home. I adore my own town. I love living in a suburb with a small town feel.

Frankfort is a town, not just a suburb. It was established in 1890 and when I was in high school, I thought of it as a town in the country. But the Chicago metropolitan area continues to grow so now it is considered a suburb.Frankfort

I moved here in 1996 and I knew a couple of friends. Only one of my daughters went to school here and through her, I slowly got to know people. My husband worked in town for years so we met people that way also.

As an example of the small town feel, I know my mail carrier by name and have had discussions with her. I know some of her history and she coos over my granddaughter. If I see her around town, we wave and say hi.

My husband and I love to eat in local restaurants. The owners of Kup a Joe know us by name and adore Zara. The man who works the counter at White Street Cafe knows my order and Zara’s by heart.

My hairdresser also cuts my daughter’s hair, my son in law’s hair and Z’s hair. My oldest daughter worked for my dentist during high school. My youngest daughter worked at the local quilt shop.

I feel like everywhere we go, we run into friends. I write reviews on Yelp and at the library they recognized me and thanked me for it. I like not being anonymous except when I haven’t done my hair and run up to Marianos. Then I really see lots of people I know.

I swim and do Aqua Exercise at the local high school and park district yoga at the old Jr. High. I go to a private yoga studio also and the teacher had the class sing to me for my birthday! I bought my car at a frankfort 3car dealership in town.

My mother used to warn us, Be good because there are spies everywhere. I don’t know if she was predicting the internet or just knew how a town worked. When I fell off my bike and shattered my elbow on the local trail, all kinds of people stopped to help. (For real, cars, babystrollers, joggers and the police. It’s a calm town.)

Does this mean I love everything about my town? Nope, I am mad as a wet hen about a proposed new events center they want to build. I wish they had an outdoor public pool. And the water is well water, yuck!

But there are Sunday concerts for free and a fabulous Country market. There are German, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Organic, BBQ, Breakfast, Spanish and casual restaurants. The schools are award winning if hurting for funds.frankfort 2

Plus, people know me here and I know them. I feel welcomed and at home. I have Chicago nearby for all its fabulous attractions. I am content living in my small town suburb.

Even if there are spies everywhere!

Sew happy!

Maybe the feel of my town is why I like this song by John Mellencamp.

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