Going to Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival

Don’t you just love when you are about to embark on a new and exciting adventure in life? I do too! And today, one is happening to me. I am on my way to the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. It is being held from Friday, June 19 to Sunday, June 21st. Pretty exciting stuff!

Naturally the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival is held in Kansas City. (I know, I am gifted.) So, I am on my way to Kansas City. Does that remind you of a song because it does me! Let’s take a listen shall we?

I am taking two long classes on Thursday, both on Longarm quilting as that is one of my goals for this year. The first class is with Angela Walters, the quilter that I stalk adore. The later one is with Tia Curtis who I have never met before but I am sure I will love.feet break

On Friday I will walk around the show, get pooped and then take 3 shorter classes spread throughout the day so I can relax. I also have plans to meet up with some of my twilter friends like I did at QuiltCon.

On Saturday, twilter breakfast and then scoot on home. I want to be with my family for Father’s Day. I will keep you posted if there is anything I just can’t wait to tell you.

I am seriously excited about this trip and even found a little video about it. It’s fun!

Are you getting excited? Me too!

Sew happy!

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Here’s a link to the last quilt/sewing seminar I attended on Mackinac Island.

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