Doing Yoga while you quilt

Multi tasking has always appealed to me. I like to read the paper, watch TV and do a little hand sewing. I love to go for a pedicure with a friend and catch up while we get beautiful. I love to go over my day with my husband while we prepare and eat dinner. It’s the same amount of time but you get two things done. How far can I take this?

I love to sew and quilt but they do not exactly raise my heart rate. Nor do they make me more flexible, in fact sometimes I am pretty stiff when I get done. Great for my mind and soul but could we put another kick in there.

I am a yoga newbie. After dropping out twice I started again last fall and I went the whole school year. And now I am doing summer yoga. I am pretty darn happy with myself.

What if I could combine the two. Now we all know that I cannot but let’s just act like I could. To this end I bring you doing yoga while you quilt.

collage 1 re

 See, from the beginning stages they can work together!

collage 5 re

 Accuracy is tricky this way!

collage 2 re

We’ve all experienced wishful thinking, now we can get limber as we do it!

collage 4 re

 I can see Quilters doing this, can’t you?

collage 6 re

 Basting is a pain but now you get serenity in the process.

collage 3 re

 Chair yoga and quilting are MADE for each other.

collage 7 re

Finishing is so sweet. Namaste.

 Should I start a yoga while you quilt class? No, too cutting edge? The world isn’t ready for my vision?

Fine, I’ll stick to making yoga bags.

I’ll be Sew happy!

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