DIY How to change Long Sleeves to Short Sleeves tutorial

I have some sleeve issues. There, I’ve said it and you know this now. I don’t particularly like sleeveless shirts probably because my arms are nowhere near buff. They are pretty soft and freckled. No need to show them off and make people jealous.

As if this wasn’t enough, I shattered my elbow riding my bike a while ago. The metal replacement can be sensitive and certain sleeves make it go nuts. So short sleeves work better much of the time.

As a result when I received the fabulous clearance deal shirt I had ordered, I was bummed. Somehow in my head, I thought it was short sleeved.  Hmm, a conundrum.

It would cost more to send it back than I had paid for the shirt. How about if I change long sleeves to short sleeves? Yes, that’s the ticket!

I’m sure you’ve done this as well. Check out my tutorial gallery and tell me what you would have done differently. I like to learn new tricks!

Short sleeves make me Sew happy!

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