Organize your thoughts by cleaning your Closet

Normally I sew to relieve stress or chase unwanted thoughts from my mind. But I have one other strategy for dealing with problems in life. I love to organize when my brain seems scrambled. I have alphabetized my spices when I have trouble sleeping. I cleaned and reorganized my dresser drawers when the Bulls were winning championships and I was nervous. When I need to get rid of thoughts, I quilt or sew. But other times,  I think you can organize your thoughts by cleaning your closet.

Yesterday I was watching my two year old granddaughter. I want her to have some memories of my father so every two weeks or so, I take her for a visit.

dad before fallMy dad is 93 and although he is physically healed from his cracked spine after a fall last December, he is still emotionally reacting. His world has grown much smaller, his movements limited and his activities almost nil.

This is him on Thanksgiving, not long before his fall. He’s always had really good health

While we were visiting my step mother discussed trying something new. My father remarked that the only new thing he wanted to try was dying. This surprised me and I didn’t know how to respond.

Z and I went home and my husband took over while I met my daughter at her OB-GYN’s office. She is due in August and I know she is very nervous before these appointments. She tells me her fears and we both sigh with relief when we hear the baby’s heartbeat.

I came home with my head all jumbled up. My thoughts were here and there and my twitter friends helped me deal. I also talked to my sister and husband.

But mainly, I just wanted to clean and organize something. So I took all the clothes out of my side of the closet.closet re 2

I piled all the clothes on the bed so I could switch warm weather clothes with cold weather clothes. While going through clothes I came upon an orange sequined shirt.

I posted the picture to Facebook and pondered why I ever bought it. Sometimes I must buy clothes for a life I do not lead!

closet re 5I happily sorted through clothes, organized by type, season and color. I got filled a bag full of clothes to give to charity.

I even organized my shoes. I had a ball. And it soothed my thoughts.

By being able to bring order to my closet, I brought order to my mind. I regained a feeling of a bit of control and peace.closet re 4

I got rid of many of my worries. I eliminated my sad and negative thoughts. I also had a bag of clothes to donate.

I have regained my confidence that all will go well with this new baby boy whose heartbeat I hear every month. I will trust that my Dad, who has lived a long and wonderful life, will either regain his love of life or will decide to listen to the call to come home.

I can’t control much in life besides my own reaction to it. I think it’s why I like to sew and quilt. With my own hands, I create exactly what I want.

closet re 6And my hands created peace for me today. By using them to rearrange, straighten and declutter, I calmed my brain. I saw that choosing hope was my best option.

Plus the orange sequined shirt? Someone on Facebook asked for it. I retrieved it from the donation bag and will pass it on to her.

A peaceful mind, a clean closet and a shirt with a new owner. Not a bad day’s work!

But seriously, orange sequins?

I hope working with your hands makes you Sew happy!

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I’ve written about my father and my shoes before! Click to read. And I normally love all things orange!

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