Modern Green Nine Patch Irish Quilt is Finished!

I had such a wonderfully relaxing day today and part of the glory was that I finally got the binding on my quilt. Which quilt you ask? I forgive you for asking, it’s been two months since I started after all. My modern green nine patch Irish quilt is finished. If you need an update, click here. I started it March 8th thinking let’s try for St. Patrick’s day. I make myself laugh at time. But I am ready for March of 2016.

9 patch re and marked

The fun part about finishing it now is that my cooperative husband could hold it up outside. He made Mother’s Day dinner for me and my daughter and managed to find the time to hold my just finished quilt. I love the quilt and loved the dinner!

Sometimes to make that final push you need a bunch of time all on the same day. That was today, my Mother’s day was calm and I got to sit in my chair and sew on the last side of the binding. What a great present, the gift of time. 9 patch re and marked 2

Here is the back of the quilt. I wanted to make it a Nine patch and 17 inch squares covered the width of the quilt. However, the quilt is rectangular so a square didn’t fit the length.

I added a border at each end, one of the dark St. Patrick’s day fabric and one of the light. I put borders on the sides as well so I had fabric to grab onto when I was quilting it on my Longarm. Those got cut off.

When I began this quilt, I thought I would make a nine patch without sashing. But as I went along, a different vision came to mind as you can see in the second post.  It’s funny how a design can change as you work on the quilt.

I always knew I wanted to quilt shamrocks on the blocks but the nine patch design in the sashing came to me later. In the back you can see through the white patch. I rather like that!

Cropped and markd re 3 Green Irish Modern 9 Patch Quilt 003

I always like to do an outdoorsy more “artistic” shot and that’s another great thing about a finish in May, my flowers are up! My back deck has 3 hanging pots and one standing one which add a bit of fun to the picture.

I also turned the quilt on its side so you could see it that way. I have to admit, I like it vertical more. re 4 marked also Green Irish Modern 9 Patch Quilt 004It’s the way I designed it.

What a rush to finish a quilt and on Mother’s day no less. It made the day that much more relaxing and fun. Now I have 3 more quilts I’d like to finish by June 1st.

Oh boy, I’m not the best with deadlines!

Finishing a quilt makes me Sew happy!

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Here’s a post I wrote in the past about Mother’s Day.

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