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10 Quilt Bumper Stickers I would buy

I love my car and its cute blue exterior. I have license plate holders which show my pride in being Irish and being an Illini. Besides my license plate itself, I wish I could show my quilty love in another way on my vehicle. I contemplated this dilemma and came up with an idea. How... Read more »

Tomorrow is another Day

It is blogapalooza time again. We get a topic and an hour to write about it. Here is tonight’s topic: “Write about your tomorrow. Not figuratively, literally write about anything that you hope, fear, believe, expect — anything — that you may experience tomorrow.” Tomorrow is always a perfect day, I haven’t yet spilled on... Read more »

Organize your thoughts by cleaning your Closet

Normally I sew to relieve stress or chase unwanted thoughts from my mind. But I have one other strategy for dealing with problems in life. I love to organize when my brain seems scrambled. I have alphabetized my spices when I have trouble sleeping. I cleaned and reorganized my dresser drawers when the Bulls were... Read more »

The many faces of quilters

I was looking at this mug and thought, Quilters!
Today I was sewing and trying to finish a quilt top. There were a few issues, there were some triumphs and then I just got tired. I had to come down from the sewing room. As I got up, I glanced up and saw a mug from my teaching days. I looked at the faces... Read more »

Imaginary Letters seeking Quilting and Sewing Advice

I have a fairly active imagination and can slip into fantasy mode pretty quickly. You might think of it as “that Kathy day dreams a lot.” And I do! But some of my best day dreams end up as quilts, posts or observations I make about life and force my hubby to listen to. You... Read more »

What is a Modern Traditionalist quilter?

I call myself a Modern Traditionalist quilter both in my head and on my Facebook page. Recently someone asked me, “What is a modern traditionalist quilter?” I glibly answered, Uh, I dunno. Or something to that effect. So naturally I’ve been pondering this question. I did some research. Here is the definition from the Modern... Read more »

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald is a quilter you should know

Have you ever really thought about what will happen to your unfinished quilts? I know it’s kind of an odd question but obviously it happens. We have all seen quilt tops and quilt blocks for sale in Antique shops or perhaps in our family’s possession. I am lucky enough to have met a woman who... Read more »

No Dragons on my Quilt Blocks are finished

What were you doing last October 7th? Can’t remember? Well, I can because that is when I began working on Z’s No Dragons on my Quilt blocks. There were 12 blocks, I thought I would finish the blocks in less than a month. I even announced the beginning in a post dedicated to Jean Ray... Read more »

Reading and Discussing Uncle Tom's Cabin

Few things make me happier than quilting but some are just as great. One of those is reading. I love my book club groups! We are smart women who love to read, talk and nibble together. Sunday was my thrice yearly meeting of my 3 Classics in One Year Book Club, what fun. Our selection... Read more »

What I know about Writing a Quilt Blog

Here at ChicagoNow we have a fabulous Community Manager, Jimmy Greenfield, who recently “tagged” all of us. He used a post by Little Merry Sunshine entitled What I know about Writing to encourage us all to follow suit. I wasn’t sure I knew a lot about writing in general but I do feel I have... Read more »
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