Modern Green Irish Nine Patch Back is finished

St. Patrick’s day has come and past. So I can now officially say that I am working on an Irish quilt for next year. Not only that but I am making progress, yay me! Yep, the modern green Irish nine patch back is finished. Hip hip hooray and I like it. Phew!

Irish Back 001 re

To make the back I found all the leftover fabrics and saw how many had enough to cut a 17.5″ square. Turned out 9 of them did which was pretty handy. I wanted to make the back a giant Nine Patch block.

I knew that this would be a square and my quilt is a rectangle but the huge nine patch block will be the majority of the back.  Once I got it all sewn together I started auditioning fabrics for the borders.Irish Back 002 re

I wanted something that I had a lot of so I could make really big borders. When I put a back on my Longarm machine I like to have plenty of fabric to deal with.

I had LOTS of both shamrock fabrics so that decision was made. Sometimes the practical takes over the design! 9 possible fabric choices for the blocks, done. 2 possible choices for the borders, also done.

Irish Back 005 re

I cut out 3 strips that were 10.5″ wide out of each fabric. I decided to put the lights in the upper left hand and the darks in the lower right. I pieced the borders, I don’t cut them out on the lengthwise grain.

I have the top and the back all ironed and ready to go on Gladys, my lovable Gammill tomorrow.

I think they complement each other nicely. Lots of the border won’t show when it is all quilted.Irish Back 007 re

Speaking of quilting, I bought a Kelly green thread today to use and I’ve been practicing with my nicely tuned up machine. I am thinking of doing shamrocks in the nine patches. Then on the borders I am thinking of quilting small nine patches.

I am practicing the shamrocks with red thread so I can see Irish Back 009 rethem on this practice piece.

Some of them aren’t too bad. I am making progress. Just a bit more practice is needed. Irish Back 003 re

And what’s after that? The binding. I took all the leftover strips and cut them into 2.5″ strips. They’re in piles waiting to be sewn together.

It’s all coming together! And soon I will have a helper, I started Zara’s sewing lessons. She sat on my lap while we sewed a whole 4 inches. And she did two cuts with scissors. I can’t wait for my helper.

In about 5 years, she should be ready!

Sew happy!

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