Getting to Know Our Readers - Seventh in a series

I love this series of glimpses into the lives of other quilters around the world. This week’s Getting to Know our Readers is no exception as we get to know Cheri Hage. Hi Cheri! Our new buddy was born and raised in Southern California, a regular beach gal! But once she married, “home” was where her husband was. As a result she’s been living in Goshen, Indiana since 1996.

Imagine moving four kids from sunny California to Indiana in September. What’s on the horizon for the family that owned only shorts and sandals? You guessed it, a Midwestern winter! When Cheri saw a winter clothing display she asked, “Will we really need gloves in the Winter ?” The elderly Amish saleslady tried hard not to laugh, “You’re not from around here, are you”, she responded.

Cheri reI love that story as I have lived through Midwestern winters all of my life.  I also adore the picture she sent me of her on a slide!

Cheri has another cute tale about begging her Grandma to let her sew on her converted treadle. Grandma responded by telling horror stories about people who have sewn through a finger or cut off their thumb; trying to discourage young Cheri.

Eventually the teaching commenced and Cheri was hooked. She made doll clothes, blankies and other kid items. She made her first pair of pants in 6th grade and noticed that the front was much shorter than the back. No problem, cut them to match and once they were sewn, no room for her derriere! That made me laugh!

Cheri is a fan of watching movies at home and See’s candies, specifically their butterscotch squares. (My mouth is watering!) Her favorite trip is to Newport Beach, CA but the plane ride there, not a favorite at all! For books she recommends The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas and Summer of Light by W. Dale Cramer. (I’ve read the first but not the second, on my wish list now!) She also loves chickens and penguins, especially after holding one at the Shedd Aquarium. (Mr. Popper would approve.)

When Cheri is working on a project she likes to spread out, way out, all over the floor. Or there is a wonderful LARGE farmhouse table in the dining room that she likes to take over. And yes, she does have aCheri re 3 sewing room but a quilter always needs S P A C E !

She and her family like to be silly with gifts, sniffing and shaking them to try and figure out what’s inside. Even more fun is to make outlandish guesses one of which was usually “It’s a basketball!” Now they “wrap” gifts in a basketball – by slipping gifts inside a slit! Fun!

Cheri re 2Cheri also has the coolest bathroom floor in the world! It’s a patchwork floor made by her pointing and the tile guys laying the tiles. I am so jealous of this tile floor! It makes me want a new bathroom floor myself!

Cheri collects pincushions and vintage sewing notions as well as marbles and ball bearings. I love the variety!  She and her husband attend farm auctions and quilt shows. She has worked for interior decorators, milked cows and sewed Amish pants above a store. What an eclectic resume!  She sells some of her pincushions on Etsy. 

One time she  rescued an ancient quilt out of an auction burn pile, cleaned and repaired it. It was ripped so she divided it into 4 sections, sold off 3 and kept the last one which you can see in this picture!Cheri re 1

I think it will come as no surprise that she loves to say “Where’s your sense of adventure?” usually just after proposing something risky and ridiculous (like going to get a donut in a snow storm). Her family enjoys play-on words and they often speak in spoonerisms. Examples:

When it’s cold I wear suzzy flippers (fuzzy slippers).
We put returning library books on the bood wench by the door (wood bench).
In the morning, members shake a tower (take a shower).
When dusting, I use a deather fuster (feather duster).

I think I will try it! Cheri makes it sound fun. Thanks for opening up your life to us, you’re terrific!

Sew happy!

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Here’s a link to last week’s interview in case you missed it!

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