Getting to Know Our Readers - Eighth in a Series

It’s my favorite time of the week, the post for getting to know our readers. I just love reading the emails I get back from quilters. After all this time of being read, I get to do the reading and I love it! without further ado I would like to introduce you to Sheila Roberts. Yay for Sheila.

Sheila was born and raised in Calgary Alberta Canada where she developed her love of sewing at the tender age of 7. I wish I had started that young, think of the head start she had! She learned on her Mother’s Singer Featherweight, a wonderful machine that she still has. I love this because Featherweights are such fabulous machines but to learn on one and then still have it is beyond fabulous.

sheila pic 1 reAnd yes, Sheila still sews on it. Sigh of bliss.

In 1966, Sheila left Canada. Why? Love! Our pal married an American military man and moved to the USA with him.

The Roberts have lived all over the world but now, they are settled down. They both retired and call Rantoul, Illinois home.  I know exactly where Rantoul is because it is very close to Champaign, Illinois. What’s in Champaign? My alma mater, the University of Illinois. I loved learning this about Sheila.

Sheila’s sewing skills grew to include quilting when the Roberts lived in Nebraska. There she was lucky enough to have a neighbor who was an avid quilter. Sheila’s neighbor showed her how to make a log cabin quilt  and sure enough, she eventually made her first quilt.

At first Sheila didn’t think she would get hooked as she was having too much fun sewing cute little outfits for her darling daughter. But you know what happened next, right? She did get hooked and started looking at quilt magazines. Quilts were such long term projects in her opinion.

But the quilting bug had been planted and Sheila finally did make that log cabin quilt. That was the first of many beautiful quilts.

Currently her skills are much in demand because Sheila is one lucky woman. She has seven grandchildren! She has made them all quilts except for the youngest. She’ll be one this month and I know she will start telling Grandma to make her a quilt!

Besides quilts for her grandchildren, Sheila made 2 t-shirt quilts. She even gives me part of the credit for inspiring her to make them. (That makes me feel really good!)u of i sheila re

Her latest t-shirt quilt is in the picture of her above. When she snapped the pic, it didn’t yet have a back. Those are Dave Matthews t-shirts and it is for her daughter. Her daughter is a huge fan of Dave Matthews so I can’t even imagine how happy she was to receive it. (And no, no relation, he has two t’s.)

Her first t-shirt quilt is very near and dear to my heart. Take a look and you will know why. A U of I t-shirt quilt.

u of i back sheila reI love it. Look, you can see the back. This is for her oldest son who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. I bet all his neighbors are jealous! I know I am!

Currently Sheila is sewing in a back bedroom which she shares with her grandchildren. I know the feeling, where I am writing this post is in the office which I share with Zara. Grandmas are just that way

However, soon Sheila will have a wonderful new space to sew. Where? In the newly remodeled basement which is almost finished.  No natural light but lots of space and it will be a dedicated space just for sewing.

Sheila is a quilter and she’s a grandma. Plus she’s a U of Illinois fan.

Wait, is Sheila me or am I Sheila?

Nope, we are both just cool quilters!

Sew happy!

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