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Getting to know our Readers - last in the Series

I am feeling very sentimental that this post is the last one in the Getting to know our Readers series. I have enjoyed reading the emails and turning them into posts; it has been more enjoyable than I can fully express. Thank you so much for both writing to me and reading the posts. I... Read more »

Time for more Quilt Ecards!

I started back in late December because I'm still waiting for my gift!
I like ecards and I hope you do also because I’ve got 12 to share with you. Are they brand new for this post? Heck no! These are some of my favorites from the past 4 months or so. I enjoy making these and then seeing which ones are more popular. Sometimes one I like... Read more »

The Value and Cost of Making quilts - a response to Quiltonomics

In the quilt world a recent blog post made quite a splash. Quiltonomics: The Real Cost of Making Quilts by Jennifer Moore spells out the facts and figures of being a quilter and what people are willing to pay for a quilt. It reminds me of my post about Why I don’t Quilt for Money.... Read more »

I messed up my Daughters' 8th grade Dance

Tonight is a semi regular event here at ChicagoNow. We all have an hour to write on the same general topic. This month’s topic is: Write about a time you made a mistake or were wrong about something. Wow, talk about a topic I can write about! I messed up flights, dates, reservations and simple... Read more »

Modern Green Nine Patch Quilt Update

Are you getting pretty excited about St. Patrick’s day 2016? Me too! I want to give you a modern green nine patch quilt update. Now don’t get too excited, it’s not finished. But it’s darn close! When I posted last time, I had just finished the back. Did you miss that post? You can check... Read more »

Perfect tin for Storing Pins

Recently I wrote a post about Decorative tins, my love for them and how I use them all over the house. It was fun to write and even more fun to read your comments. (I was relieved no one said, What are you some kind of tin nut?) One of the comments I really took... Read more »

12 Revealing Facts about Rulers

In quilting and sewing, we use rulers all the time. We love our rulers and part of the fun is buying new and even more fabulous rulers. Then we get to organize them in various clever ways, it’s a great part of quilting. As rulers as such good friends of ours, it’s time to learn... Read more »

Getting to Know Our Readers - Ninth in a series

Are you ready to meet Nini Frank? She is our latest jewel in the getting to know our readers series. Get ready as Nini is just as fascinating as our other new buds. Nini was born and raised in Europe and considers Vicenza, Italy her home. Naturally she speaks Italian fluently but currently lives in... Read more »

Double Friendship Star Block Tutorial

Last week I wrote a tutorial for a Double Churn Dash Block. I enjoyed making it and writing the blog post. Plus, it was for a group quilt so I set about dispatching it. I quickly reviewed the attributes of the contributions – white background, check. Bright colors, check. 9.5″ unfinished, check. Star block. What?... Read more »

The lack of manners or humility of Britt McHenry shows her true character

Quilting and sewing are wonderful subjects for a blog. Our foibles are funny and our quirks endearing. We complain a bit about the quilt police but the fabric world is a pretty nice place to create and write. I try to focus on my wonderful corner of the universe but sometimes, the rudeness in the... Read more »
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