Thursday night sitting in a Police Car

I had a new experience last week. Yep, I spent Thursday night sitting in a police car.  Don’t be alarmed, I am just fine and I do not have a police record. In fact, it all started with going to my Modern Quilters Guild.

You knew this is how it would begin, yes? Don’t most shenanigans start with Quilt Guilds? Mine meets in Naperville, Il. which is about 38 miles from my condo.

When I bought my sweet electric car, Ellie, I was quoted a 72 mile range. However, in the summer my mileage range would sometimes show as high as 92. What I didn’t think of is that if hot summer napervilleweather increased mileage, would the reverse happen in the winter?

Whenever I go to my guild, I leave around 3:00 for a 6:00 meeting. I allow an hour for the drive and meet my friend from my first teaching job in downtown Naperville. There are 4 places to charge an electric car in that area.

bmwThursday night I pulled into the designated spot in the parking garage but neither charger was working. I then moved to the parking lot where I was horrified to discover the same sad story. 4 empty but non functioning EV only parking spots.

And it was freezing outside which makes my battery less efficient. I called a local car dealership, Bill Jacobs BMW and they let me come and charge my car for free. But the cold really slowed down the charging process. I got my car up to 30 miles and went on to my guild.

While I was at guild the temperature dropped and I ended up with a battery that was losing mileage. I pulled into Ikea and plugged my car in there. I went into the store and kept warm. ikea

But the store closed at 9:00 and I could only stand the cold until 9:30 in my car. It was about 6 degrees by now.

I started home and lost miles dramatically because of the cold. It was my worst nightmare and as I turned onto I-80 going east, I knew I would not make it home. Sure enough, I saw the miles melt away and I pulled over to the side of the road as it hit zero.

I called my husband and I was very sad and upset. Fine, I was pretty much crying hysterically. But then, a miracle happened.

A state police car appeared behind me and I knew I would be fine. OK, I am lying a bit, I was still crying and I think he had some troubles understanding me.

He brought me back to his car and I had to sit in the back. Even in my head exploding condition, I knew this was kind of funny. And squished. Have you ever sat back there? (Says the woman who was doing it for the first time.) It’s really small!

I chatted a bit with the officer and he admitted that this was the first time he had helped a quilter on the way home from guild whose electric car battery had died. I later asked my husband if he thought the officer had been on guard when he approached my car. He replied, “Honey, you drive a bright blue electric car. Your license plate holder says Happiness is being Irish and your plate has the word Quilt in it. I don’t think so.” There goes my street cred.

The good Samaritan officer called for a tow, had me call my husband back and kept me warm. I was feeling better and better. I was giggling on the inside sortof hoping someone I knew would whizz by and see me in the back of the police car.

I wasn’t bold enough, however, to ask him to snap my picture. That would have been too much I think. But fun all the same, yes?

My husband drove me home and supervised the car getting into the garage. I took two Excedrin and drank a Mexican coke while sitting in a hot bubble bath. This is my headache cure and it worked.

I tumbled into bed and slept until 9:30 the next morning. People told me that they hoped my quilt guild was worth all that bother.  You know what? It totally was.

But next time, I am driving a gas powered car.

Sew happy!

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If you would like to read other posts about me and police cars I am afraid there are none. But I do have not one but two about my electric car.

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