Modern Irish Nine Patch Quilt tutorial - part two

Eight days ago I started my Modern Irish Nine Patch quilt. If you missed that post you can get up to speed by reading it now! Raise your hands if you thought I would finish by St. Patrick’s day. Nope, me either. However it is March 17th and I have finished the top so I am actually pretty happy. I know it wasn’t finished for this year but there’s always next year! Plus I wanted it to look a certain way. Let me explain.

Mod Irish 9 pat re 1

It didn’t take that long to get all the blocks finished. I was able to accomplish my initial goal of having 20 nine patch blocks which went from lighter to darker and included Irish fabric. Done, yes?Mod Irish 9 Pat re 2

Well, as a matter of fact no. I was very impressed with Irene’s favorite quilt that she shared with us in this post.

I decided I needed some sashing. I spread all the blocks out on the design wall and pondered it.

I could readily see how white sashing would look. I thought about other colors and then I thought about Irene’s quilt and decided to be bold.

I figured I could make the sashing change in color and value in the same way as the blocks did. I took the extra 3.5″ strips and cut them into 9.5″ long pieces and 15.5″ long pieces.  I had to cut some extra strips to get enough to really have choices.

Then I started playing with them. And playing and rearranging.

mod Irish 9 pt re 3

I got this far and thought, hmm.

Do I have any idea what I am really doing? The answer was obviously no so I went to bed and slept on it.

The next day I left my doubts on my pillow and finished up the strip placement. Mod Irish 9 pat re 4

It looks like a dreadful mess and I think a strip would fall off each time I tried to take a picture. I just plunged ahead.

I started with the white sashing and the upper right block. I got the white sewn all the way around and by golly, I liked it.

I proceeded one block after another until I had the first row done. A few times I switched things around. One time a whole bunch fell off.  I was super glad I had this picture to look at and put it back on the wall.

I even skipped Aqua Exercise class this morning to work on the top. Zara agreed to Mod Irish 9 pat re 5color upstairs with me for 20 or 30 minutes so I could work on it. (I love that kid.)

About an hour ago, I finished the top. My darling hubby held it up and I snapped a picture. Sometimes I make my final decision with the picture!

I love it! I am so glad I spent the extra time and added in the semi random sashing. The white sashing was inspired by Irene’s quilt and then the rest, I just tried to trust my gut.

My Gammill is getting a house call this Friday so I am not putting it on the Longarm. That and the fact that I don’t have the back done. I am thinking a giant nine patch block as the back. What do you think?

I will let you know when I finish but it has to be before June so I can work on the peacock quilt. I will get it finished in a timely manner.

Or at least before next St. Patrick’s day!

Sew happy!

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If you like this modern quilt you might enjoy this post on another one.

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