I bought a Sewing Machine for a 2 year old

Thursday at the quilt show, I bought a sewing machine for a 2 year old. And yes, I agree it was fairly insane. But I just couldn’t help it. Haven’t you ever just done something crazy and then not even regretted it? That was me and this darling machine.

2 yr old re 3Let me start at the beginning. Last summer, I spied a Horn Sewing Cabinet for a child on a MAJOR sale. So cheap and there was a dear little chair.

So I bought it, I mean really, who wouldn’t?

I have pencils and coloring supplies from Moda on it along with a little quilt design book. I got it free in my swag bag from QuiltCon.2 yr old re 2

Lately, Zara has been climbing up on the chair. I have disguised her face because there has been a rash of odd and somewhat ugly experiences with pictures of bloggers’ children. She still looks cute!

She sits up there with me for 20 to 40 minutes. I have her sit in my lap sometimes when I sew. She has stood on a stool and I have shown her how to cut.

2 yr old re 1

You may have noticed that the cabinet is pink and white. The chair is pink They are beyond cute.

And then I saw this machine. Pink an white, yes, pink and white! The same colors as the cabinet.

Oh, coincidentally it was on a major MAJOR reduction show special. My husband had driven me, he could bring it home. I mean, it was destiny. Destiny I tell you!2 yr old re 4

Plus I bought it from Linda Z’s, a store in Arlington Heights. My daughter used to live in Arlington Heights and she is Zara’s mother. DESTINY!

In addition, Linda and I bonded. We talked daughters, grandchildren and heart aches. She took more off the price. We are sewing buddies of the heart now.

2 yr old re 5

Doesn’t the box look great on the cabinet? Tell the truth, could you have resisted?

I am not giving it to Z until next Christmas and she won’t be using it until she is probably 4. But I wanted to get a picture of her at least looking at it. So, I showed it to her.

I think it’s love.

Sew happy!

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I embrace the idea of children learning how to sew. I even wrote passionately about it once.

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