Getting to Know our Readers - Fifth in a series

I love writing and sewing but all of you are what make this blog so much fun and so satisfying. I simply adore learning about quilters all over the world. Today’s edition of Getting to know our Readers gives us a peek into the life of Lisa Schlossberg who lives on  the north Shore  of Long Island near to where she grew up.  She loves her stomping ground with all her family so although she loves to travel, she always likes coming home. (I was born on Long Island and have family there, it is gorgeous!)

Lisa has always been interested  in sewing and crafts, she learned to crochet at the tender age of 7 and taught herself  macrame, knitting and now quilting. Her family is crafy but she is the sole quilter and it is her special love. She especially loves making things for her 3 year old god son, isn’t he the cutest?

Speaking of love, Lisa is a passionate reader also. She and her husband were both English majors met doing community theater and love being able to  easily catch a play on Broadway.  Be forewarned,  if you are invited to dinner brush up on your Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare or John Green as their kids are book geeks as well. (Hey, I would love to break bread and discuss books with you!)Lisa's famly

Are quilting and books their only passions? No! they live to camp and hike with scouting being a huge part of their lives.  Lisa admits that she is happiest sewing in the woods sitting by a campfire.

However, while at home, the TV is usually on, mostly the History channel or Animal Planet.

The family that enjoys Marvel Comics as well, in fact anything involving it is a must see. For her  daughter, she is making a Dr. Who quilt for her room to match the bday Dr. Who pillow you can see here. I can’t wait to see that quilt, I’ve seen such cool ones online.

Lisa  belong to 2 guilds – the Huntington  Quilters and Long Island Modern Quilters where she has encountered many generous, talented artists. She has heard of the “quilt police” in other groups but  never has  heard an unkind word from either of hers. They are a constant source  of inspiration  and a great  resource  when she can get to the meetings after  working 50+ hours a week as director and head teacher  of a day care center. And she has to have time for her own kids and husband.

Lisa has a sewing studio set up in her  basement with a beautiful  wrap around desk, elevated cutting table and all my machines. (Sewing retreat at Lisa’s house!) But the that’s not where she sews. Most of the time you will find her stitching in the living room,  at school concerts, in her car or at lunch time, while camping  and  anywhere else she can.

She only hand quilts so her husband sees potential in her to be  Amish. I can see that but she is also a HUGE fan of English paper piecing which you can see by looking at this denim jacket and quilt.

Now you might be thinking, well she sure has ALL her time full. Nope, she has run four, yes 4 half marathons and is training for her second Spartan race. (This is an obstacle running race with wall climbing, spear throwing, and weight carrying. Did I mention this was up and down hills?)  And no, I am not featuring a teenager, Lisa is one brave 44 year old!

Many quilters have dogs and cats and Lisa has pets as well but not your every day ordinary ones. No siree, she has a parrot, a Bearded Dragon and a snake  plus a son who wants to be a vet. I think her son is starting in the right place! Here are two of them!

Lisa feels she hasn’t  been  quilting long enough for words of wisdom. She believes, “Just make something you love and enjoy the process. My quilts aren’t art, not good enough for judges. They are made for snuggling  to keep my family warm and know how much I love them.” I think she has words of wisdom there!

She and her family certainly exemplify the scout motto –  Do Your Best. Never worry about achieving perfection, if you put your best effort forth no one can ask for more. Love that motto!

Sew happy!

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