8 reasons to have a Big Fabric Stash

Many of us who quilt like to buy fabric. That is pretty understated, yes? Let’s try again and I’ll be more honest. Many of us who quilt adore fabric like crazy fools and buy fabric like drunken sailors whenever possible. Little closer to the truth or are you in-between? I am a certified fabric fool and I have a huge, lovely stash. I used to have a bit of guilt but no more. No, I am thrilled I have a big fabric stash and think everyone should.

Let me explain a bit. Last Wednesday I was out to lunch with a friend and I received a text from my 17 week pregnant daughter that she was going to the hospital. She was dizzy and feeling odd with high blood pressure. I was very worried so I called my husband and told him to go to the hospital to meet Emily and Joe. He replied that worked for him because he had lost his job 15 minutes ago.

Whoa. That was all a lot to take in over the space of about a minute.

The important thing is that both Emily and the baby are perfectly fine, she was dehydrated but all is fine. And indeed, my husband is no longer employed. In fact, he is retired.

There are many advantages to retirement and we plan to embrace them all. One of the advantages, however, is not financial.Stash re 7

As I adjust to a new normal I am glad to have a big fabric stash and I think you should also. Why? Here are 8 reasons to have a big fabric stash.

1. Because you never know what’s just around the corner. It might not be all the money you want to buy fabrics. If you have a big stash, no problem.

Stash re 4

2. Because a big old stash aids creativity. Look at these two pictures of fabric in my armoires. I have yards, scraps, charm packs, holiday fabrics and flannel.

3. Because I can make a lot of different projects. I don’t have to run out in the middle and lose my flow.

4. Because the weather here in the Midwest can be really lousy. We can have cold, snow and rain. I can stay in and sew.Stash re 2

5. Because in the long run, I save money. I have stocked up at sales and use my stash for presents. I have every color, I don’t need to buy yardages for a tiny square of orange.

6. Because my mental health and me just happen to deserve it! I sew every day, just like I wear clothes every day. I should have as much fabric as I do clothes, shoes, socks, underwear and coats. It keeps me sane.

7. Because fabric makes me happy. I have spent money on traffic tickets, replacing broken items, taxes and bug spray. None of those made me happy. Fabric does.

8. Because it makes me calm to know that although I might not have as much cash to throw around on fabrics, it doesn’t really matter. I Stash re 1have one huge stash to tide me over!

Next time you have the money to add to your stash, do it. Build up that stash and you are set for a rainy day, whether that rain is literal or metaphorical.

I’m pleased as punch I have all these glorious fabrics to enjoy in our retirements!

Sew happy!

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