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I bought a Sewing Machine for a 2 year old

Thursday at the quilt show, I bought a sewing machine for a 2 year old. And yes, I agree it was fairly insane. But I just couldn’t help it. Haven’t you ever just done something crazy and then not even regretted it? That was me and this darling machine. Let me start at the beginning.... Read more »

Overview of Chicago International Quilt Festival 2015

Every year I see the same sign and I am excited.
I love going to quilt shows, big or small. I think there are fewer big shows and they can be expensive to attend. I had a grand time at Quiltcon but it also cost me a pretty penny. (Worth every cent!) There are many reasons why I love living near Chicago and one of them... Read more »

Quilter Horoscopes - Quoroscopes which reveal your future

I was feeling very predictive today, yep I was envisioning your future! (Or I was feeling goofy and just made them up, one of the two.) I decided I wanted, no NEEDED to share these insights with the quilting community. Here are your Quilter Horoscopes. In fact I have named them Quoroscopes which reveal your... Read more »

Getting to Know our Readers - Sixth in a Series

Hip hooray, another post in the getting to know our readers series.  Join me in welcoming,  Judy B, a reader from southern Australia. She was born in Clare hospital and raised on a farm near the small town of farming. She enjoyed the many pleasures of farm life. She has lovely insights and experiences on... Read more »

8 reasons to have a Big Fabric Stash

Many of us who quilt like to buy fabric. That is pretty understated, yes? Let’s try again and I’ll be more honest. Many of us who quilt adore fabric like crazy fools and buy fabric like drunken sailors whenever possible. Little closer to the truth or are you in-between? I am a certified fabric fool... Read more »

12 ways Deocorative Tins will organize your life

Most people think of tins being used for sewing supplies or buttons. Sure enough, I have my button collection in an old Maurice Lenell cookie tin that I got from my mom. But this is only one way to use tins.
I like being organized but not too organized, I like some softness. I also like saving things from being thrown in landfills. But most of all, I really like decorative tins, vintage if possible. I am here to let you see how decorative tins can improve your life. For real. Some of my decorative tins... Read more »

Havana Lost Book Club

Last year my husband and I visited Cuba, a life long goal that I finally was able to realize. This visit surpassed my expectations but did not quell my Cuba obsession. I still want to learn and read as much as I can about this complex island. I searched for more books on Cuba and... Read more »

10 Important Facts about Rotary Cutters

Do you use a rotary cutter? Me too! When I started quilting there was no such animal. I only know that I LOVE mine but let’s learn some facts about Rotary Cutters. 1. Definition – I think we all know what it is but WiseGeek defines it as a cutting tool which resembles a pizza... Read more »

Getting to Know our Readers - Fifth in a series

I love writing and sewing but all of you are what make this blog so much fun and so satisfying. I simply adore learning about quilters all over the world. Today’s edition of Getting to know our Readers gives us a peek into the life of Lisa Schlossberg who lives on  the north Shore  of Long Island... Read more »

Modern Irish Nine Patch Quilt tutorial - part two

Eight days ago I started my Modern Irish Nine Patch quilt. If you missed that post you can get up to speed by reading it now! Raise your hands if you thought I would finish by St. Patrick’s day. Nope, me either. However it is March 17th and I have finished the top so I... Read more »
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