Round Robin Continues

Good news, I got another box for the next stage of my participation in the Round Robin. Are you thinking, what Round Robin? Yep, I am in a Quilting Round Robin, it just got derailed a bit but now we are humming along again. If you need a little recap you can check out the last post I did. Are you back? Great because the Round Robin continues!

rr 5 re 1The fun thing about a Round Robin is that each step or section is on a completely different quilt top, different in every way. I made my center block a modern Shoo Fly with solids. The first one I received was sparkly Christmas horses and the second was wonky stars. This month was colorful fabrics with a 1930’s rr 5 re 3look.

Apples in both green and red were a theme. The original block seemed like 9 patch blocks turned on the point. The dominate colors were green, red, blue and the background.

I had a jelly roll of Mary Englebreit fabrics which seemed to work with the feel of the 1930’s fabrics. I picked out the green, red and blue strips and cut them in half lengthwise. I then cut 2.5 inch strips of the background fabric.

I sewed a white strip onto each colorful strip, ironed them and cut them into 2.5″ chunks which I distributed into six piles to vary the fabrics.

rr 5 re 5This is the method I use when I am making quick four patches or nine patches.

I took four of the piles and placed them into 3 piles to sew together.rr 5 re 6 The last two piles I combined and sewed them onto different left over half strips.

This all went pretty darn fast!

In less than an hour, I had a pile of six blocks sewn together and a strip for rr 5 re 7the last row. I know this creates a bit of an odd pressing pattern on the back with 3 pressing lines going across and one going vertically but it really speeds up the process.

You can see me joining the six with the three. In the background you can see the half strips I did not use. They look a little sad and rejected. rr 5 re 8

Soon I had 28 nine patch blocks for my border. My instructions were to create a 4 to 6 inch border using an element from the original center block.

I thought the cherries went well with the apples, the colors coordinated and the nine patch repeated rr 5 re 10a design element.

However, it didn’t fit exactly on the sides. I didn’t want to cut a block off so I put it up to see what my mind could come up with.

I no sooner had it on the design wall than I knew it needed a bit of background fabric in between. rr 5 re 11I played with the calculator for quite a while and came up with 1.5 inch strips.

So I cut them and sewed them to join each nine patch. However, I cut one larger strip for the last ones on each side. Just to hedge my bet in case I needed a bit more.

Amazingly enough, I did not. Yay for my math!

Or just good luck, it doesn’t matter, I will take it! I put the strip between each block, 5 blocks on each side and 4 corner blocks. Before I sewed them down, I stood back and looked.

rr 5 re 12

It looked really good so I sewed it all down. Then my lucky husband got to hold it up and I took a picture of this top.  I am worried that it’s a bit busy but I think that’s the modern quilter in me, yearning for more negative space.

I have one more person’s quilt top to work on before I get mine back in the mail. It’s odd because it is not really mine, these quilts have multiple quilters who created them. Hopefully, I have followed their concept and they like theirs.

And if they don’t, I will give them mine. I was just doing it to experience the Round Robin process for once.

Quilt tops make me Sew happy no matter what!

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I have written other posts about this ongoing project. Here was the first, the second and yes, the third!

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