Characteristics of People from the Midwest and Chicago Area

When I travel outside of the Chicago area and the Midwest, I am struck by how I tend to recognize others who are from my neck of the woods. Certain characteristics of people from the Midwest and Chicago Area are found, obviously, in other groups of people as well. But as you group these characteristics together you find that particular configuration that is a Midwesterner or more specifically, a Chicagoan.

1. Friendly – I smile a lot and tend to gravitate towards others who do. Most of the time, they’re Midwesterners. We say hello to strangers.midwest

2. Pop – Sooner or late you’re going to drink something and those who order Pop, they’re my people.

3. In a bit of a hurry – In the Chicago area we’re friendly, we’ll chat but we’ve got things to do. Thanks, call me!

4. Black – Black coats, purses, gloves, shoes and pants. Unless I am traveling to NYC, I feel like I am the dark cloud in the crowd.

5. Polite to a point – We’ll let you merge, we’ll let you go first. Maybe. We’re please and thank you most of the time. See #3.

6. Food – We enjoy our food here in the Midwest. Really enjoy it. And in Chicago, even more so. We’ve got all kinds of cuisines here and we want to try it all.

7. SNL – Yes, we’ve all seen the SNL skit of DA BEARS and we laugh. But no, we’re not like that.cubs six

8. Second City – We love our comedy and yeah, we’re pretty darn funny.

9. Choose a team – You can be a Cubs fan or a Sox fan. You can’t be both. Period.

10. Bad weather – We love to brag about how bad our weather is, which bad storms you’ve lived through. This is even more fun to do in Florida.

I’ll let you know how it works this time. I will try to not hang around people whose personalities are similar to mine. I need something new to appeal to me. How about people with cute quilted bags?  Fun shoes? Prominent glasses? Carrying a book and some extra weight?pop

Oops, I think I just described myself.

Want to go grab some pop?

Meeting new people makes me Sew happy!

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I love where I live, even in the Winter. You can read a post here about that.

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