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Longarm quilter Angela Walters is my latest Quilt Heroine

I may have mentioned a time or twenty that I went to QuiltCon. I know, you’re shocked! While I was there I shopped, I mean really shopped. And I met fabulous people who ate lunch with me, made me laugh and let me thank them for previous favors. In the post about shopping and people... Read more »

I will be a crazy fun Grandma in the Future

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza post night. We get one hour from the topic to publish. Here is tonight’s topic: “Pick any point of time in the future and write about what you hope/think/fear/expect your life will be like then” I didn’t even have to think hard about this, I will be a crazy fun... Read more »

Quilts from QuiltCon 2015

The signage at the show was great. In fact, there really wasn't anything I didn't like about the show or its organization.
I went to QuiltCon with the hope of getting inspired and oh baby, I was inspired and then some! I took hundreds of pictures of quilts and the tags next to them. Some of the pictures were on my phone, others on my casual camera and still others on my better camera. I loaded them... Read more »

People and attractions at QuiltCon 2015

Some times I really put my mind to doing something and no matter what I get it done. Such was the case with QuiltCon this year. I had missed it in 2013 and I was bound and determined not to miss it this year. I fumbled the ball signing up for classes, didn’t matter, I... Read more »

Books about Quilts and the Underground Railroad

The quilting world is a pretty cool place with room enough for lots of talents, ideas and creativity. People write blogs, posts videos and write books. There are books about every sort of quilting and sewing that you can imagine. Among them are books about quilts and the Underground Railroad.  In this chill place that... Read more »

Characteristics of People from the Midwest and Chicago Area

When I travel outside of the Chicago area and the Midwest, I am struck by how I tend to recognize others who are from my neck of the woods. Certain characteristics of people from the Midwest and Chicago Area are found, obviously, in other groups of people as well. But as you group these characteristics... Read more »

Getting to Know Our Readers - 2nd edition

I am so happy that I get to do more of these pieces. I just love them! Each email is so spectacular that I am just taking them chronologically. I hope you love learning about each other as much as I do. Juliet lives in Southern California which doesn’t make me jealous at all. Fine,... Read more »

QuiltCon 2015 Here I Come!

I am pretty darn excited because today I am going to QuiltCon. I get to fly in a plane and I paid extra for additional leg room. I am staying in a nice hotel room and I hope to meet up with some interesting people at the show. I have never gone before but I... Read more »

How to Add a Quilt Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt Show

I want to show you how to add a quilt hanging sleeve because I need to do it to my own quilt. Do you remember my Friendship Star quilt that took like way too long for me to finish? You can read the post here where I did finally complete it. In that post I... Read more »

Review of Stitched from the Soul - 3rd book in Black History Month Series

I am a big reader and a lover of all things quilts. Plus, there is nothing that lights up my brain more than something new to learn. I have been pursuing slave quilts and sewing ever since I finished the book The Invention of Wings. Did you catch that post? It is what eventually led... Read more »
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