Sharing Abundance Makes You Feel Good about Yourself

My older daughter works in a high school with an extremely high poverty level and very needy students. She loves her job and teaches Special Ed and Business and cares for her students day and night. She teaches an Honors Accounting class where she has the brightest in the school with real potential for a bright future if they get some help. Every year she has particular worries about a few of her students.

Recently a student revealed to Emily that she was pregnant and this caused some issues at home. Emily helped her deal with her feelings and living situation.

This student continues to be in Emily’s class. She is very bright and has high hopes with the abilities to match. She is looking forward to a positive future for herself and her baby but has very little resources. Emily knows how very lucky we are to live with everything we need and a lot of what we want as well. She posted this message on her Facebook page and a general page for our town:

Hi everyone. I have a very sweet and very vulnerable student who is pregnant and expecting a baby boy in May. Unfortunately she is navigating this process without the love and support of her family and has asked for my help. I’ll be working to make sure she gets set up with WIC and we’ll look into PASS also, but I’m also looking for donations for her as she has nothing for the baby and very little means. If you have anything baby related that you would like to pass on, please let me know and I’ll arrange a way to get it. Thanks!

The response she received was overwhelming, it restored my faith in humanity. gina quilt reOne of the first people to deliver an item was a friend of mine, a fellow quilter. She brought over a fabulous quilt and was thrilled to give it. She understands that sharing abundance makes you feel good about yourself.

bqreHer act of generosity led me to make one of my own. When I made a baby quilt a couple of years ago, I made two. I’ve been waiting for the right moment and this was definitely it.

Another woman dropped off a crib and collected items from her friends. Many of the women who responded with all of their hearts had been single Moms in their early years.

We hear an awful lot about all the evil and horrible things which occur in this world. You only have to flip on the news to feel afraid for the future and despair for the present.

Being a quilter, however, dispels these fears for me on a daily basis. I scour the internet and have google alerts for all the tremendous good that quilters and sewists do in this world.

Not only do they do it world wide, my own personal quilter friend did it right here in my house today.doing goog I am humbled and in awe of quilters. They are the best people anywhere.

And a Mom to be is about to have her faith restored as well.

To all of you who share your abundance, you rock.

Sew happy!

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