Review of The Quilts of Gee's Bend book

In our family we all agreed to create an Amazon Wish List with all kinds of possible choices on it for presents.  This allowed the everyone to receive something they wanted but to not really know what it would be. I got great gifts for Christmas, some from my list and others not. Some I was even spoiled enough to get early and all in all, I was very lucky and very spoiled. You can read all about it here!

You will see that I received the huge and stunning book, The Quilts of Gee’s Bend.Gee's Bend re 1 It was a very generous present as unbeknownst to me, the book is out of print and my dear husband paid big bucks to get me a new, pristine copy. I have been reading and looking at it since I received it.

I don’t think it is the kind of book you can just sit down and read. It’s more of an experience for your eyes, your brain and your artistic soul. I have enjoyed it on many levels.

gees bend re 2I can’t remember when I first learned about the Quilts of Gee’s Bend but it probably started with the postage stamps. I had read about them and went to the post office in August of 2006 to purchase them. I loved them and bought a whole bunch. I used them up as I loved the way they looked on a letter.

I went back to buy more and sadly they were out of them at my post office and I didn’t pursue the stamps any farther.

I may have given up on the stamps but I continued to learn about the quilts. My interest in them really ramped up after I retired in 2010 and got involved in Modern quilting. Seeing quilts made by the Gee’s gees-bend-quilt re 5Bend Collective on my visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum gave me the resolve to learn more about them.

I wasn’t able to get into the QuiltCon workshop on the Gee’s Bend quilt so I turned to books to learn more. This book, in my opinion, is the ultimate and best way to learn about the quilts. Not only is all the history here, but gorgeous photos as well.  I learned so much from the first read.Gee's Bend re 4

But my brain could only take in so much at a time. This is a book I will keep by my chair and reread time and time again. There is so much beauty and so much information that it was worth the money my husband shelled out for it.

I am going to read and digest it and who knows, maybe my own Gee’s Bend inspired quilt may pop out. But it’s OK if it doesn’t, just seeing this creativity makes me feel creative also.

gees bend re 3Want to read it also? Come over, we’ll have tea and look through it together. It will be a grand afternoon.

You’ll bring a treat, yes?

Sew happy!

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