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Yet Even More Quilt Memes

I love Downton Abbey and the Dowager, she's a hoot. You can see Memes with her all over the internet. Secretly, I think she likes quilting. Shhh, it would ruin her rep!
It’s Friday, let’s have some funnies. I make a different “quilt funny” every day and post it on my Facebook page. Sometimes they are e-cards and I posted a gallery of those last Friday. This Friday, you guessed it, are my memes. I started off with the same meme pictures everyone else was using a... Read more »

Sharing Abundance Makes You Feel Good about Yourself

My older daughter works in a high school with an extremely high poverty level and very needy students. She loves her job and teaches Special Ed and Business and cares for her students day and night. She teaches an Honors Accounting class where she has the brightest in the school with real potential for a... Read more »

Tips for turning fabric inside out

I’ve been sewing for over 40 years and in that time, I have turned a lot of fabric tubes, fabric loops and fabric cylinders inside out. Some are a snap and others are much more of a pain. Over the years I have tried various ways to wiggle that fabric to the opposite side with... Read more »

Balancing sewing and life or how I burned dinner

I love the sanctuary of my sewing loft. I am in my own little world up there and although it’s a loft, I can be very isolated from the rest of the world. Tonight I got home from watching Zara and I knew I had an hour to sew plus there was dinner to consider.... Read more »

How to Host a Perfect Little Women Book Club

Here in the Chicago area we’re in the middle of winter and need fun times to keep our spirits up. What is more fun than reading a terrific book and then gathering with friends to discuss it? And while you are at it, why not have some delicious treats to nibble on while you talk.... Read more »

Even More quilt e cards

I bet this would be fun. Ha ha!
I enjoy writing about quilts and I enjoy laughing about the whole process as well. On my Facebook page I post a “quilt funny” every day. Some are definitely funnier than others but I have a great time trying to think of new ways to smile along with my sewing and quilting. Quilters are happy... Read more »

How Grandma Helps in Potty Training or Sewing doesn't always help

It you have a dog or a baby in the house sooner or later you are going to have to do some potty training. In my past lives, I have done both and the dogs were easier. When I became a Grandma I was head over heels in love and volunteered to watch Z for... Read more »

7 Reasons why Snow Days are Terrific

I loved snow days as a student although they were a very rare treat then. As a teacher, I maintained that joy when a  free day would fall from the sky. I never worried that it was a day we would have to make up in the summer. Maybe we wouldn’t have to, one year... Read more »

Quilt Dreaming

“To sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there’s the rub.” by William Shakespeare Sleep is not only in Hamlet’s quote but is a big part of our lives, a third of it if we’re lucky. I love to sleep and since I retired, I sleep really well. The “rub” is that I also dream. Vividly. Frequently.... Read more »

Wrapping gifts with Fabric

I used to adore wrapping presents but somehow the pleasure of it diminished over the years. I still enjoy using gift bags with a bit of tissue paper because you can resuse them. This year, however, I wrote a post about wrapping paper facts. After doing all the research, I was determined to wrap three... Read more »