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Better Tips for Turning Fabric Inside Out

I recently wrote a blog where I gave what I thought were decent ideas for turning fabric inside out. Boy, was I mistaken! All of you had way better ideas than I did. I took them to heart and today I decided to make a bunch of headbands for my daughter and try out these... Read more »

Losing my Bears Tickets at exactly the Right Time

It’s the fourth Wednesday of the month and that means Blogapalooza where we are challenged to write a post and publish it in one hour.  Here is tonight’s challenge: Write about a time you experienced a remarkable coincidence or witnessed something unexplainable. I would love to say that I had a plethora of experiences to... Read more »

New Books and Fun Tools

There are tons of fun things about writing a quilt blog. I get to show off my own projects, I am able to have discussions with all of you and every once in a while, people send me really cool free stuff. I know, I am pretty shocked also. Recently I received a whole box... Read more »

Friendship Star quilt is All Done

When you read the title, “Friendship Star Quilt is All Done” did you think to yourself, it’s about time lady? Because I did! The last time I posted about this quilt, I had just finished the top. And now, the whole quilt is finished. Hip hip hooray because I love a finished quilt. I loaded... Read more »

I write like I Make a Quilt, in bits and pieces

Here at ChicagoNow our community manager is forcing us against our will to describe our writing style. Just kidding, he merely suggested it for the Blogger’s life theme this week. I’ve never really thought about the writing process before so it was fun to ponder. I decided that like most things in life, I write... Read more »

What If Quilters were the Norm

I met my husband on and admitted to him that I was a Quilter. He was a bit surprised as the women on your average dating site are not Quilters, too bad for them! He asked me how I became interested in such an archaic activity. I married him anyway. Plus, over the years,... Read more »

12 Lively Lace Facts

If you love sewing, fabrics and quilts you have no doubt bumped into lace. Lace has had its ups and downs in popularity but its presence is omnipresent in most cultures. We may not make or even own lace but we all know what it is and how it looks. It comes in all kinds... Read more »

10 Joys of Being an Older Lady

One of the wonderful things about being an older lady is that you can realize some of your fantasies you put off for decades. I got to travel to Cuba, Alaska and Laura Ingalls Wilder's home. Here I am channeling Laura in the back of a covered wagon. Bliss.
Happiness and joy can be elusive for some and that’s a shame. I have always believed in the well known adage that happiness is not having what you want. It is wanting what you have. I have the body and age of an older lady and I am very happy with it, I am happy with... Read more »

How to Embarrass your Teenager Old School

My father is recuperating and adjusting to a new normal since he was discharged from the hospital. Z girl and I went to visit and we ended up going through old photos. I found photographic proof of the most embarrassing day in my teen years. I was laughing so much no one could understand the... Read more »

Review of The Quilts of Gee's Bend book

In our family we all agreed to create an Amazon Wish List with all kinds of possible choices on it for presents.  This allowed the everyone to receive something they wanted but to not really know what it would be. I got great gifts for Christmas, some from my list and others not. Some I... Read more »