New Books and Fun Tools

There are tons of fun things about writing a quilt blog. I get to show off my own projects, I am able to have discussions with all of you and every once in a while, people send me really cool free stuff. I know, I am pretty shocked also. Recently I received a whole box of goodies from Marti Michell.  It was like Christmas all over again but in January.

Box of books and gadgets re 1Look at it all! I was very overwhelmed and grateful. There were all kinds of new ideas and tools in the box. Freebies!

I had previously written about how I liked the tape that you could use to iron on two different pieces of batting to make a big one. Would you look at this? I got two of two different widths.  I will check it out and see if I like it!

It makes me want to use up my batting scraps right now! Fine, I will finish this post.

I have also written before that I am not a huge fan of templates. Most of my quilts are from cutting strips and then cutting them again. I used to sew with templates but I don’t any more. I even wrote a post about it when I started a quilt. If you like you can read the post when I finished it as well. books gadgets re 5

Marti Michell’s husband challenged me to try his wife’s system. He was pretty confident that I will like them and I have to admit, my head is turned towards this way of doing Churn Dash. And there are books! Have any of you used this system? Tips for me?

Marti Michell also makes triangle templates. What a coincidence!  I want to make a triangle quilt this year, it’s a goal. I am pretty sure that it will be Box of books and gadgets re 3blue. That was really all I knew about it until I got this box of new books and fun tools. Look, triangles! It’s kismet!

I am going to integrate these tools into my regular, use every day items. You may see them pop up in pictures. I wanted to let you know right off the bat that I got them all for zero dollars!

If I like them, you will see them and I will talk about them. But by law and my own sense of ethics I wanted to let you know they were a very generous gift to me.

I would keep writing but heck, I’ve got some new toys to play with!

Sew happy!

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I also wrote a post about being a gadget junkie. You can read it here.

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