Losing my Bears Tickets at exactly the Right Time

It’s the fourth Wednesday of the month and that means Blogapalooza where we are challenged to write a post and publish it in one hour.  Here is tonight’s challenge:

Write about a time you experienced a remarkable coincidence or witnessed something unexplainable.

I would love to say that I had a plethora of experiences to choose from but I really don’t. Fortunately, I do have an incredible tale of losing my Bears tickets at exactly the right time.

I’ve lived in the Chicago area all of my life and I support all of our teams. However, I am a teacher which means I do not have a lot of money to spend on major sporting events. (Shocking, I know.)bears

Over the years I’ve been lucky to get tickets from people who have Season Tickets or as gifts. Another way I used to go to games was with my French Club. The Cubs, the Bulls and the Bears were really good about allowing school groups to purchase less desirable seats at really cheap prices. I got to see Michael Jordan play each year that way, with 25 of my high school students.

One year we decided to buy actual tickets to a game and arrive not in a school bus but in a regular car. We felt pretty darn special! This was our version of living the High Life.

We arrived super early, parked and approached Soldier Field, the old school version. I put my hand in my pocket and there were no tickets. Not even when I turned the pockets inside out.

We checked our route back to the car. We checked around the car and we checked inside the car. Sickeningly, there were no tickets to be found.

For some crazy reason, I had memorized our seat numbers. I decided I could explain our predicament to someone and they would look at this honest Irish face and let us in.

I walked around from one office to another, trying different ticket windows. Someone suggested I try Will Call. I had nothing left to lose but a bit more dignity so I drug my sad body over there.

I was in the midst of explaining my hard luck tale, accompanied by tears running down my face, when the woman at the next window turned around.

It was Kyle, a radiant gal who had grown up in the same town as I had. She lived on my street and had two sisters, just like I did. The similarities ended there.

She was a cheerleader in High School, I was Vice President of Spanish Club. She dated the football quarterback, I was the President of Thespians. She was gorgeous and I was a book worm. She was High School Royalty  and I sewed my own clothes.

But we had known each other all our lives and had played kick the can with the other neighborhood kids many a summer night. She smiled broadly and asked,

“Did you lose your tickets? No problem, I am married to a defensive end for the Bears. He left me a bunch of tickets I don’t even need. Here, have two!”

walter paytonI was so shocked I could barely speak. I stammered “Thank you” before she was off, looking like a million bucks and having saved this big day for us.

We went in, found our seats and realized we were sitting in some of the best ones in the house. We could see the field in both directions! I could look out on the field and see the players. I could see Walter Payton’s face. Talk about Sweetness!

I don’t remember the rest of the day that much because I was so stunned, so grateful and so amazed. The Bears won and we went home, me still in a bubble of good fortune.

And when we pulled in our driveway, there were our tickets, lying there waiting for us.

Bear Down Chicago Bears!

That experience made me Sew happy!

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