How to Embarrass your Teenager Old School

My father is recuperating and adjusting to a new normal since he was discharged from the hospital. Z girl and I went to visit and we ended up going through old photos. I found photographic proof of the most embarrassing day in my teen years. I was laughing so much no one could understand the story. I decided then and there I had to write it down and show how to embarrass your Teenager Old School style!

Boston 1 1968 reThe summer after my Freshman year of high school my older sister had a summer job but I did not. She got to stay home when we went on our family driving vacation and I had to go along. It was on one such family vacation that I had decided that my parents had gotten “weird” and my opinion, with all the angst of a 15 year old, had not re 6

One of our stops was at the Boston Public Garden to pay homage to our favorite childhood book, Make Way for Ducklings. Although I wouldn’t admit it, I wanted to see the statue also and was tolerating the vacation. My father decided to document our presence and we all posed.

I have to digress just a bit. See the yellow dress I am wearing? That is the famous Easter dress I also wore to the Doors concert on my first date ever. I wrote aboston 5 re post about it. And yes, I made it myself.

OK, back to my narration. At this point my father turns around and notices that there are Hippies in the Boston Commons, real life Hippies. In our Chicago Suburb he had not seen any but the man had heard about them on the news.

He decides he wants, no NEEDS to photograph them.  He says to me and my sister, go stand over there so I can get a picture of the hippies.

I was more horrified and embarrassed than I had ever been in. my. life. My parents were now ruining my life in new cities! I flat out refused and I think it was the first time I had ever flat out refused anything he had told me to do.

My younger sister Maureen says, “I’ll do it.” and she stands where my father directs her to. (For the record, I think I made her dress also.) He then directs her to back up and he follows her with the ever popular manual zoom.

Boston 4 1968 reAt this point I am hiding behind the post you can see in back of my Mother. I would have cried but then I would have missed out on hearing and seeing the most embarrassing experience. in. my. life.

At this point the “hippies” notice my Father’s covert operation to get them on film. They gesture to him and then walk over. He snaps a picture. I was praying for the ground to swallow me whole.

They walk up to my Dad and start talking to him and acting like any college kid who is being surreptitiously recorded by a Middle aged Midwestern dad. I couldn’t approach as I was praying for a quick and painless death.

My father thought it was a great adventure and got two copies of each of the pictures. I now have one copy in my possession. I remember it now as the funniest day of my life. NOW.

And yes, I forgave my sister. I even made her a few more dresses!

Sew happy!

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