Friendship Star quilt is All Done

When you read the title, “Friendship Star Quilt is All Done” did you think to yourself, it’s about time lady? Because I did! The last time I posted about this quilt, I had just finished the top. And now, the whole quilt is finished. Hip hip hooray because I love a finished quilt.

Kathy Mathews detail reI loaded this quilt on my Gammill and I had no idea how I was going to quilt it.  It sat there and watched us all wrap Christmas presents and then it sat there while I was ill for a week with pneumonia. I had a lot of time to think about it until I was sick to death about thinking already. More action, less thinking!fs 1 re

I decided to make hexagons with the quilting in the background using off white thread. As I was making them I decided I wanted to make funky hexies because that’s what I was making! Hey, funky is good!

For the stars themselves I was a bit flummoxed so I went with stars. Ha, not a huge leap. I changed to a dark Caribbean blue thread which made me nervous but I eventually loved.

I got it all quilted and then there were more decisions to make. Jeeze louise, so many decisions fs 3 rewhen you are not following a pattern. Who am I kidding, I mess around with those also.

I auditioned quite a few fabrics for the border. I had like 20 of them so it kept me busy.fs 2 re I had to decide, dark or light?

I turned to my Twilter buds and most of them said light. But this medium whale light, while I loved the fabric, didn’t seem right.

In the meantime I flipped the quilt over and gasped. Yikearoonie, I have thread boogers. Darn it all, I thought I had solved that problem.fs 5 re

And they weren’t in the light color, oh no, they were in the dark. So fretting about those and slowly taking them out kept me busy.

I eventually decided to bind it in the same light low volume hexagon print as the background. I sewed it on by machine and then took a week to sew the other side down by hand. I like hand fs 7 cropped re markedsewing but I can only do so much at a time.

Here’s the back of the quilt. I chose a very light blueish/green to go with my Caribbean colors. I also didn’t want the back to show through the light background. I had other fabrics I liked better but this color worked best.fs 6 cropped re and marked

When my husband held up the back and I took a picture, I was so delighted. Can you see why? The dark stitching and the darker colors of the stars show through. I love it!

And I also am quite pleased with the quilt itself. I drug my feet, I hem and hawed, I doubted myself and questioned nearly every move. But I love the finished quilt.

I always want a slightly fun shot, something a bit more artistic. We were supposed to get a whole bunch of snow today but it was just flurries. I talked my hubby into going to the park and standing up holding it so I could get a different shot.

Friendship star outside cropped 1 re markedHe did and we slipped and slid our way over the spot I wanted. It was windy with snow bits stinging our face. We laughed and were invigorated and I got an acceptable shot of the quilt in the great outdoors.

I even entered it to see if I will be lucky enough to be able to show it in the International Quilt Festival again this year. It’s juried so I have no idea if it will be accepted or not. But it doesn’t matter.

Emily decided that she liked the quilt and would welcome it for Z. See why it doesn’t matter what the jury says? It’s acceptable to Emily, Z and me!

Sew happy!

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