Better Tips for Turning Fabric Inside Out

I recently wrote a blog where I gave what I thought were decent ideas for turning fabric inside out. Boy, was I mistaken! All of you had way better ideas than I did. I took them to heart and today I decided to make a bunch of headbands for my daughter and try out these better tips for turning fabric inside out. I ordered three tools online and found the rest of the items in my house. Let’s see which tip was worked the best for me.

better re 1I  had quite a few of these in my house/sewing studio. I found a piece of a dowel rod, I had a knitting needle and a quarter inch marking tool. It was easy enough to come up with a pin and I owned That Purple Thang already. Luckily Shelby had left her fancy chopsticks in our silverware drawer. I bought a hobby grade set of hemostats, the Fasturn and the Turn it out.better re 2

I then sewed a bunch of tubes and tried these four. My tubes were all open ended, I think all of these would have worked better with a closed end tube. But for me, none of these four worked very well.

The dowel rod, the knitting needle, the quarter inch tool and the chopstick were all about the same. I wonder if I just sewed all the tubes at one end and then ripped the stitches if that would make them more successful?

They did work better than my fingers however which had been my previous method. I am lucky that I don’t have any arthritis but all of these sticks would help, less finger movement needed.

Better re 8 I then tried one of the tools I had purchased, Turn it All. I paid about eleven dollars for it and it worked about as well as the other sticks. Again, I think it would be just great if you had one closed end. All of these items I would put in last place.

A pencil worked better because of the eraser end but I didn’t snap a pic. I would recommend an unsharpened pencil as your best stick only turning help.  I have seen seam rippers with ends like better re 6a pencil eraser but they aren’t as long as a pencil. Pencil gets a 3rd place.

In a tie for second place were a safety pin and that purple thang. The curved end of That Purple Thang just stayed with the fabric. Pushing it through with that tool or the pin took about the same better re 5amount of time and finger use. I was pretty excited with both until I tried the hemostats.

I used the longest of the hemostats, I got 3 of them on Amazon for about eleven dollars. They were just great. You snake the fabric through and  grab onto that end and don’t let go of that sucker! Just pull and it will come up pretty darn quick.

I liked it better than the pin because I felt the pin could hurt the fabric and the pin required more wiggling and maneuvering.  However, a pin is like what, a penny?

Cost wise so far the pin is winning but I have the hemostats in first place because they were really easy and quite frankly, pretty darn fun.

Hold on, I know I just announced first place but we have a grand prize winner. It is the priciest of all the tools but golly, it’s a winner.  I spent about 50 dollars on this on Nancy’s Notions. That is also where I got the Turn it all.

Better re 9

This tool is a gem, it’s perfect and it’s an absolute riot to use. It took my breath away it was so fast and efficient. It is very aptly named, Fasturn. I loved it and made more tubes for headbands for Emily just so I could use it more. Yes, it’s that fabulous.

So what did I learn? First of all my readers are a whole lot smarter than I am. Second, a pin is the best bargain for turning an open ended tube inside out. Otherwise, a pencil works pretty well. But if you love gadgets like I do, you should spring for the Fasturn.

Now, I am going to go have some fun and turn those tubes. Fasturn in fact.

Sew happy!

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