Leaving Sewing to the Last Minute

When I worked I was super organized about Christmas, I mean sickeningly super organized. I had all kinds of gifts sewn by labor day. No, I am not lying! I might finish up a quilt or make one more but I had my gifts done and no worrying to do. I didn’t tell people, my goodness no, I wanted to still have friends. However, this year I made the mistake of leaving sewing to the last minute. The very last minute.

Now that I retired I am so lackadaisical I can’t believe I used to behave so maturely. I am writing this 3 days before Christmas Eve. My shopping is all done because of Amazon. My Christmas Eve dinner will be Last minute  re 1all done because it’s being done by a fabulous Cafe here in town. I haven’t had a Christmas holiday in here for a while so my linens are all set, I madeLast minute re 2 them 6 years ago and only used them once. I have one present wrapped and lots of sewing yet to finish. I know! I’m the naughtiest!

I finished two aprons last night, 5 minutes before we left to meet the recipients. Great job Kathy! And about an hour ago I finished the Chef apron and three matching dish towels for my youngest daughter’s boyfriend. He is, needless to say, a Seahawks fan and I really had to finish this as it’s his main gift.

If you read my wrapping paper post, you know I am trying to not use wrapping paper for 3 presents. I had this great brown bag in the sewing room. I put his gifts in it and did a decorative stitch all the way across.Last minute re 3

Then I thought, I could also sew his name and save a tag from a landfill also. So I programmed in FOR PADRIC into the Bernina. I went ahead and sewed them. One little problem. If looked more like *OR PADRIC.

Last minute re 4Sigh.

Not to worry! I made a clever bow from leftover fabric and tied on a charming bow!

And it looked superb, good save oh procrastinating quilter.

My daughter arrives home from Asia tomorrow and I have only seen her for two days in the past year. Before she gets here I have a few projects lined up.

Last minute re 9

Two more aprons are cut out and sitting patiently on a chair. These are for my neighbors who I reallyLast minute re 8 like.  Surely I can finish them!

I also have a box, a BOX of other sports fabric for bbq aprons for men in my family. Hmmm, maybe these would be really great Fathers’ Day gifts, yes?

I swear I will finish them by June! Pinky swear!

I wish this was the only project left for the last minute but you know they aren’t right?

Last minute re 6

I have some bags I would like to make. Quick little cuties with zippers for my neighbors. Would just an apron be enough? Last minute re 5

My daughter really liked that headband I made her so I have a little pile of fabric and elastic waiting to be made into a few more. However, maybe she would really like a New Years present? That would be different and would not look at all like I waited too long to finish everything.

PhotoGrid_1419226383919I am going to end this by congratulating myself for finishing two aprons yesterday. See, aren’t they so cute? I mean the aprons! Fine, the ladies are also!Last minute re 10

My neighbors will like them and maybe don’t need zippered bags? Or perhaps a clever IOU?

I will let you know after the holidays what I get done. Feel free to berate me in the comments for being a lousy late minute sewist!

Fine, I blew one more deadline. Remember that quilt I was going to make for Zara for Christmas? Well, I have 8 out of 16 blocks done.

But in January I will the model quilter/sewer. Yes, that’s the ticket! I will buckle down and finish everything in a timely manner. Early even!

Actually doing that? Now that would make me Sew happy!

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