Friendship Star Quilt top completed

Last year at this time I made a quilt in a week and I am talking even quilted. This year I am having trouble with my Friendship Star, I feel I have drug my feet through each stage. I am happy to report that the Friendship Star quilt top is completed. Finally!

Last time I wrote I was hesitant about the final quadrant. I wonder why, I mean, it’s just a quilt! It’s not the key to universal peace or a cure for what ails humanity. I get frustrated with myself when I sometimes forget that is’s pieces of fabric I am sewing together!

fs re 9I finally made a decision and I like it quite a bit. This was the last way I had the blocks arranged in my previous post.

I chose a very light blue/green back so it wouldn’t show through.fs re 11 The back ground fabric is very light, it’s a low volume hexagon. I am putting a close up here so you can see the design and color.

You know where this is leading, don’t you?

Now that the top is done and the back selected, how do I quilt it? Hence the close up of the background fabric.

I have been looking at books and making no progress. This quilt should be called Friendship dragging my feet as progress has been glacier.

fs re 10Another woman in my guild has made THREE friendship stars, all done and quilted and we only have to make one!

However, mine is at least on Gladys my Gammill. I watched the DVD and think (hope?) that the tension issue is resolved. I called at the Heart of Quilting and I am on the list for a home visit check up.

I have cream thread on the machine to do the background. Then I have a gorgeous turquoise that I want to use on the stars. But will this just allow me to delay more?a design

I need to nag myself and get myself going. I missed the QuiltCon deadline and I am thinking maybe that was on purpose, maybe I just didn’t care enough or thought I would not get in anyway.

And here I go over thinking everything. So if you see me, tell me to get going! And if you have quilting ideas, give me those also!

Getting unstuck would make me Sew happy!

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